Fact Checkers And FBI Say No Arson Involvement In Western State Fires But…


There are multiple reports out of local television news stations and some media outlets stating that there have been arrests of arsonists.

Here’s one suspect charged with lighting three separate fires in Marin County, California.

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Portland police say a man was arrested for arson and released from prison. Hours after his release he was arrested again and police now say “he started six brush fires in wildfire ravaged Oregon.”

The U.S. Fire Service released information stating that there were fourteen known incidences of arson in the Manti-La Sai National Forest, as reported by KUTV2news.

There are currently 14 confirmed fire spots, all started between 1-5 am Saturday morning. These were intentionally set fires, not caused by dragging chains, abandoned campfires, etc. 


The FBI is reporting that reports of arson in Oregon are untrue, as of 11 September. The Portland FBI has not issued any updates on possible arson involvement in the fires since then. ABC News reported on 12 September that one man was charged with arson in the Almeda Fire in southern Oregon.

@fukushimaexpos2 tweets that Oregon authorities are opening “arson probe” into deadly fires and shows video allegedly shot in Oregon near a fire that was just started – claims there are people running from the flames. Footage appears to be credited to @SVNewsAlerts.


4KPIC News reported that a man was arrested for setting multiple fires near McComas Creek, northeast of Glide, Oregon.

A man armed with a machete confronted crews responding to the scene of a fire outside Glide late Tuesday.

“The male subject wanted the firefighters to give him a ride into Glide,” the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said, “and told them if they didn’t he would set additional fires.”

Firefighters from the Douglas Forest Protective Association arrived on scene near McComas Creek northeast of Glide around 11 p.m. Tuesday “and located multiple fires burning in a previously logged unit,” the agency said.

Here’s an actual tweet from the Portland police – is that a reliable source?

Despite these reports, Facebook and other social media outlets have warned that they will remove any “disinformation” about the source of the wildfires on the West Coast and have stated that “arson” claims will be removed.

Facebook said it will delete posts that the flames were started by “certain groups.”

“This is based on confirmation from law enforcement that these rumors are forcing local fire and police agencies to divert resources from fighting the fires and protecting the public,” Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said in a statement Saturday.


Here’s a video of the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners meeting recently where one of the county sheriffs mentions that they are getting “credible” reports of arson occurring and they are investigating. He further states they have reports of ANTIFA or ANTIFA related groups staging gas cans…