Rioting In Lancaster, PA Following Shooting Of Armed Suspect


Rioting in Philadelphia and Harrisburg continues….

A police officer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania shot a suspect (Ricardo Munoz, 27), armed with a knife, as he apparently lunged toward the officer. Lancaster Police released a video of the incident. The police were at the scene as a result of a domestic disturbance call when the suspect came out of the front door of the residence running towards the officer with a knife.

Below is the video, released by the Lancaster Police Department, via PennLive which shows the suspect, Additionally, it has been reported that Munoz has a prior criminal record including stabbing four individuals in 2019.

There were protests which started at around 11:00 am yesterday and then rioting and looting broke out in Lancaster, forcing police to deploy pepper spray. Arrests were made. An independent journalist, interviewed by Newsmax, noted that despite protesters being aware of the release of police footage showing that this was self-defense that did not seem to matter to the Black Lives Matter organizers who were present for the riots. Rioters destroyed police vehicles and threw bricks at a police precinct.

In Philadelphia, rioting continued.

According to Breitbart, “The state’s capital city of Harrisburg has not been spared from the civil unrest. Two officers were injured in the city on Saturday and subsequently hospitalized after protesters hurled bricks their way.”

“With two Capital Police officers in the hospital and several patrol cars badly damaged by bricks, I am watching law enforcement repeatedly attempt to deescalate while allowing room for peaceful protest – Commissioner Carter has been out front & represents the best of #Harrisburg.”

— Eric Papenfuse (@EricPapenfuse

Here’s more footage of the Lancaster rioting: