Kamala Harris: “A Harris Administration…” – Oops Twitter Explodes


Lots of commentary on social media about vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D) discussing a “Harris administration” during a virtual economic roundtable discussion.

Below is the clip of Harris referring to a Harris administration and following that are some additional comments on a “Harris administration”:

“Who’s really in charge?”

“Out of her own mouth @SenKamalaHarris lets America in on the scam. “A #HarrisAdministration together with #JoeBiden.” Democrats are playing a grifter’s trick. Joe is just the marionette, all wood and strings, head bobbing on command.”

“The mask slips.”

Kamala Harris admits she would be Joe Biden’s boss. ‘A Harris administration together with Joe Biden.’ “

“Yep…it’s clear where this is going…the radical left want to install @KamalaHarris via Slow @JoeBiden

BREAKING: Top cop @KamalaHarris confirms that @JoeBiden is a placeholder for her presidency: ‘A Harris administration together with Joe Biden…’ “

“So Kamala is already talking about “the HarrisAdministration.” Can we stop pretending that @JoeBiden is even running for president?”

How many of you saw that Kamala was reading the teleprompter when she “slipped” and said “Harris administration?’ “

#FreudianSlip “A #HarrisAdministration, together w/#JoeBiden…” Planting seeds perhaps? Sort of a weird accident?? Especially since she seems to be reading from a teleprompter.”

“Now that Kamala is openly calling it the “Harris administration with Joe Biden as president” let’s you know who the fascists are. Corporate America wanted Kamala from the beginning. Voters overwhelmingly rejected her. Doesn’t matter. Billionaires give you the illusion of choice.”