WA Times: Tracking Trump’s And MBS’ Human Rights Revolution – President Trump’s Middle East Peace Successes


One of the many faults of those media committed to the undermining of President Trump is ignoring historic changes in the Middle East resulting from his administration’s policies. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have entered into full diplomatic relations an achievement for which Mr. Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Bahrain will allow Israeli aircraft in its airspace. Kosovo and Serbia are opening embassies in Jerusalem. The ayatollahs’ grip on Tehran is weakening by the day. And the Saudi king is examining conditions that will allow the kingdom to fully normalize its relations with Israel and end a conflict that has endured for 72 years. 

As exciting and as encouraging as all that is, perhaps the most dramatic changes in the Middle East are inside Saudi Arabia itself, where American support has facilitated the actions of Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman. American relations with Saudi Arabia are often described as purely a matter of realpolitik. In this case, American policy has demonstrated a purpose and impact well beyond that. What is happening is a true human rights revolution.

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