Chainsaw Vandals Take Out Five Power Poles In Seattle Suburb – No One Knows Why

0Shares reported today that police and the FBI are investigating who might have taken a chainsaw (s) to utility poles in the Lynnwood, Washington area.

Vandals with chainsaws attacked five Snohomish County PUD power poles in two separate incidents over the past week. They were about a mile apart, both near the Interurban Trail in Lynnwood.

“They actually cut a pole down with a chainsaw,” said Aaron Swaney, a PUD spokesman. “Then we found four more poles with cuts in them.”

“We don’t know the motives for this vandalism,” Swaney said. “Whether someone is doing it just to damage our infrastructure or if they have more sinister motives — all we know is that this is potentially very dangerous.”

“It’s something we’ve never really seen before,” Swaney said. “We haven’t heard of any other utilities this is happening to.”

The story goes on to say that this is very unusual – generally you might see damage from a theft attempt – folks trying to get metal, wires or other things off the utility poles for resale.

The one utility pole that was actually cut completely down caused a power outage that affected approximately 4,000 homes. The other four utility poles that were vandalized with chainsaws were very close to Interstate 5 – a busy highway serving western Washington. Police are asking those with any information to please contact them.