The Permanent Coup Against Trump – Will The Election Matter?


Author Lee Smith has a new book out discussing what he calls a “permanent coup” against President Trump. In the five-minute OANN interview below, Lee says this coup has been going on for over four years and “this is not good for the country.”

Lee warns, along with other authors and political analysts, that Trump’s enemies have been very clear that they will not stop. They have now started warning the American public that they will not accept the results of the 3 November elections.

Others have said there is a “color revolution” against our President. Revolver.News put out an exclusive OpEd titled “Meet Norm Eisen: Legal Hatchet Man and Central Operative in the “Color Revolution” Against President Trump.”

As the man who implemented the David Brock blueprint for suing the President into paralysis and his allies into bankruptcy, who helped mainstream and amplify the Russia Hoax, who drafted 10 articles of impeachment for the Democrats a full month before President Trump ever called the Ukraine President in 2018, who personally served as special counsel litigating the Ukraine impeachment, who created a template for Internet censorship of world leaders and a handbook for mass mobilizing racial justice protesters to overturn democratic election results, there is perhaps no man alive with a more decorated resume for plots against President Trump.

Indeed, the story of Norm Eisen – a key architect of nearly every attempt to delegitimize, impeach, censor, sue and remove the democratically elected 45th President of the United States – is a tale that winds through nearly every facet of the color revolution playbook. There is no purer embodiment of Revolver’s thesis that the very same regime change professionals who run Color Revolutions on behalf of the US Government in order to undermine or overthrow alleged “authoritarian” governments overseas are running the very same playbook to overturn Trump’s 2016 victory and to pre-empt a repeat in 2020. To put it simply, what you see is not just the same Color Revolution playbook run against Trump, but the same people using it against Trump who have employed it in a professional capacity against targets overseas—same people same playbook. 

Revolver.News Exclusive

Last night Tucker Carlson echoed the exact same message. Here is a video from his show last night of his interview of Darren Beattie a former speechwriter for President Trump. Beattie says there are “odd similarities between ‘color revolution’ tactics” and efforts to oust Trump.

Hillary Clinton is on record (video below) saying that she has advised former Vice-President and current Democrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden that he should “NOT” concede under “ANY” circumstances.

Sam Faddis, AND Magazine’s Senior Editor wrote in an exclusive for

We are not experiencing a wave of social unrest generated by injustice or police brutality. We are watching an insurrection in progress, one which uses police violence as a pretext, but which has as its goal the destruction of the existing social, economic and political order in the United States. 


How the stage is already being set “for a rejection of the election results.”

The “struggle” is an explicitly non-democratic process. The current system will not be voted out of office – it will be torn to pieces. In fact, only in this way, can true revolution be accomplished. Anything else is just tinkering around the edges.

The foundation for a rejection of the election results is already being laid.

The rationale is already being established. Just as Trump was accused of winning in 2016 only because of the help of Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence, he will be branded in 2020 as having stolen the election. He will be declared ‘illegitimate.’ It will become the ‘duty’ of every ‘right-thinking’ American to take to streets and demand his ouster.

AND Magazine, “This Revolution’s Just Getting Started, Sam Faddis

Below is the OANN interview with Lee Smith.