NYC Police Officer Arrested On Charges Of Being A Chinese Asset


A New York City Police Department Officer (NYCPD), Baimadajie Angwang, was arrested on federal charges for allegedly acting as an agent of a foreign government – China. The thirty-three-year-old Angwang also served in the U.S. Army Reserves and reportedly held a secret clearance. Angwang is an ethnic Tibetan.

Part of the federal complaint (charging document) said that Angwang “used his official position in the NYPD to provide [Chinese] Consulate officials access to senior NYPD officials through invitations to official NYPD events.”

In addition to providing information on Tibetan activities and persons of interest in that community, he was also providing the Chinese diplomats with access to NYCPD officials. Angwang was also charged with false statements on his SF-86 clearance reform for stating that he was not an agency for a foreign government. Angwang is alleged to have been working for two Chinese diplomats posted to the Chinese Consulate in NYC – one of whom is associated with the “United Front” – a Chinese government organization implicated in spying and influence operations in the U.S.

Angwang was told by one of his handlers at the consulate that people were looking at Angwang and happy that he might be getting a promotion soon with Angwang responded “that his position within the NYPD was valuable to the PRC because ANGWANG could provide NYPD information to the Consulate.”

The full charging document can be found here.