Twitterverse: Trump’s Weekend Rallies & Caravans Show Voter Enthusiasm


Biden Rallies and Support Not So Enthusiastic

We’ve compiled some tweets and other social media posts about this past weekend’s caravans and rallies, as well as some from the Labor Day weekend. The number of boat rallies is hard to convey – lakes, rivers, and bays across the nation – some with hundreds of boats – others with thousands. Note: A lot of the boat rallies are not included in the tweets below.

Same with the vehicle “parades” or rallies – motorcycles, trucks, cars and there were even horse-drawn buggies at an Amish rally in Ohio. The enthusiasm of Trump’s supporters seems high. Towns in California that are considered “blue” are even seeing larger turnouts at these events.

While enthusiasm among Trump’s supporters seems high, the “hate” expressed towards Trump and his administration is also evident on social media. The only difference seems to be that the media coverage of the number of Trump events is pretty scant. The largest source of social media posts generally deals with Trump’s official rallies or “peaceful protests” as the campaign has started calling them, but the coverage of the impromptu rallies, parades, etc. in support of Trump seems mostly negative and usually focussed on Trump’s supporters being mostly “maskless.” Was there mainstream media coverage of an over 15,000 vehicle rally in Cinncinati? Thousands of boats on lakes?

Cincinnati, Ohio

Dan Scavino tweeted that the police had estimated the Cincinnati Trump Parade (around Interstate 275) to be at around 16 – 20 thousand vehicles…on 16 September 2020.

Long Island, New York

Tweets that Long Island is #Trump country – says there was a pre-party in Port Jefforson before the Sunday caravan event.

Oahu, Hawaii

Tweets that there was a 400 vehicle MAGA caravan in Oahu.

Florida – all over

The group Cubans4Trump has told TRS that they are the ones who organized the Trump caravan yesterday. They note the group “Latinos for Trump” coordinated with them in Orlando only. The Caravans were held in Cocoa Beach, Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville.

This was an Instagram post about a Vietnamese-American Rally and Caravan for Trump in Margate, Florida. There was also a boat rally…

CALIFORNIA!Ventura Boulevard, Studio City

Tweets that California is turning red are found on Twitter, along with others saying Trump needs to visit California – support is growing.

Here’s a boat rally for Trump in Sacramento. KCRA TV reported that thousands turned out for the Trump boat parades and rallies.

Here’s the crowd at the airport when Trump arrives on 15 September.

Corpus Chrisi, Texas

Fairfax and Prince William Counties, Virginia (near D.C.)

Arcadia, Arizona – “Pop-Up Rally”

“#WalkAway” Rallies – Baltimore, Sacramento, Beverly Hills. @BrandonStraka says “We are starting an earthquake.”

Fredericksburg, Ohio – Amish Trump Rally

Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Erie, Pennsylvania

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania – County Commissioner Sean Kertes says Trump will get 70% of the vote In Westmoreland County, during rally at Irwin Park.

Biden’s Rallies and Anti-Trump Opposition

Ok, these are the tweets you find when you type Biden and rally into Twitter’s search bar. You find basically no Biden rallies – his town hall events and rallies are small – designed that way – however you do not find crowds rallying outside of these smaller, restricted events. You do get negative anti-Trump posts, but not very many pro-Biden tweets. And, you get tweets of BLM and Antifa protestors and rioters clashing with Trump supporters. Enthusiasm for Biden seems low, while the focus of the other posts is anti-Trump.

Note, this is not from a personal account search – this is from Twitter without logging in – so the results should not be biased by any user account info.

OK, here’s one for Bernie! A Bernie Bro @Berniebromanny says “we all saw the pictures of Trump’s rally in Tulsa….you also may have seen pictures of Biden rallies pre-pandemic with tons of empty seats. None of the c candidates fill up stadiums like Bernie Sanders.”