U-haul Trucks In Louisville Handing Out Supplies For Rioters? Cops Making Arrests Now As Protest Declared Unlawful


A U-haul truck was videotaped handing out signs, including larger, heavier signs some refer to as “riot shields” in downtown Louisville t his afternoon.

Police officers have been making arrests since the protests were declared unlawful. Rioters were seen riding on police cruisers as the police made their way through the crowd, via Brendan Gutenswager – @BGOnTheScene. A large BLM caravan was also seen driving down the streets of Louisville.

Another person on Twitter, zoomed in on the vehicle’s license plate:

There are reportedly signs – which some refer to as riot “shields” – and other things being handed out. It is unclear what other items were being thrown out from the U-haul truck in the video above.

It is being reported widely on social media that the woman who rented the truck is Holly Zoller of The Bail Project, however, that does not appear to have been corroborated by any official source.