Why Do We All Comply?


Do Americans see what is happening in our country – in fact worldwide – to individual liberties and freedoms?

The topic – outrage if you will – is Big Tech censorship, mainstream media complicity, and medically-based restrictions to silence “the people.” A prime example is the banning of videos, tweets, and posts from medical doctors and research personnel who do not accept – writ large – the dogma that comes out of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO). We should not be a nation which accepts that we cannot not and, in fact, will not, have a dissenting opinion. The reality is that the current medically-based restrictions on our liberty are being decided on by a mere handful of individuals. When any other “expert” attempts to speak out, they are frequently (and swiftly) silenced – posts are marked as non-scientific or not complying with “community standards.Who gets to decide those standards?

These are just a few examples:

Political Commentary

Posting a video of Joe Biden reciting or attempting to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and commenting that it appears that he can’t or doesn’t know the pledge. That is called an “observation” – an opinion if you will – of what you just saw. No. Facebook has labeled those posts as “fact-checked false,” because their fact-checkers claim the AP says Joe Biden wasn’t “attempting” to recite the whole pledge… How, in fact, do they know that? They don’t – it’s just their “observation” or opinion. But, their narrative reigns. It’s more than just slapping a label on someone’s post – which is bad enough – that label requires you to click past it before you can view the content, defacto acknowledging that this is “fact-checked false.” Crazy. Brain-washing even…all to force us to accept their “narrative.”

Scientific Dialogue

Doctors who have posted – that in their medical experience – using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) early in the treatment of COVID-19 was effective, have had their content labeled “fact-checked false” or even been suspended unless they delete their “medical opinions” and observations. These are researchers and physicians alike.

This summer, a large contingent of physicians met in D.C. to discuss and share their observations treating COVID-19 patients and what treatments had been effective. Following a press conference where they announced their support for HCQ, their skepticism of mask-wearing in community settings, and their concerns that wholesale lockdowns were having very negative impacts on both physical and emotional health, a number of them were threatened with losing their medical licenses or hospital positions for speaking out. One of them, Dr. Simone, was in fact dismissed from her job. Apparently, her hospital could not fathom being associated with a doctor who actually voiced her expert opinion that the information coming out of the CDC about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine was false, based on her observations as a practicing medical doctor. Oh my, that hospital would not be complying with the “narrative.” Horrors. How embarrassing.

Our scary decline of real scientific discourse

Who cares about truth or actual discourse in science anymore? It did not matter that CDC studies from 2005 supported these physicians’ observations and experiences using hydroxychloroquine. Nor did it matter that physicians across the world have had the exact same experiences while treating real COVID-19 patients. It also apparently did not matter that Dr. Fauci himself had earlier stated that masks were not indicated for this “pandemic,” supporting long-standing guidance that was on the WHO’s own website stating “masks had not been found effective in reducing the spread of viruses” in community settings. Facts ‘be damned‘ – get in line.

What history informs – why do we comply?

There are so many similarities in history that give us examples of the creep of tyranny and those watching and living it – afraid to be labeled “non-compliant,” “trouble-makers,” or even the modern term “science-deniers” – not speaking out against the insanity of it all. Perhaps some feel that something might not be ‘quite right’ about what they are seeing, hearing, or experiencing. Today, more than ever in past history, we have large, united voices coming from Big Tech and the mass media (and even governments) that will indict anyone as being non-compliant in accepting what they have deemed is ‘fact.’ They tell us what our reality should be.

If you do an internet search for “why did the German people not speak out against the Nazi’s?” you will get a variety of results. The most notable result is the quote we have heard most often:

First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller

Another internet search returned a response from a “Wiki User” which while perhaps not completely fitting what we see today does point out some interesting points. Those points have been edited (with notes in brackets) to reflect our realities right now:

In a police state [mob rule state], it is extremely difficult to speak out against government policy. The point is not only that it requires courage but that it is very difficult to make oneself heard [Big Tech censorship and marginalization through namecalling like “racist, science denier, homophobe, etc”].  Unlike in a democracy [or representative democracy], there is no forum [or quickly fading forums] for discussing such matters. For example, writing to the newspapers is pointless as dissident views are not published [today most mainstream newspapers nationwide, repeatedly turn down OpEds from dissenting viewpoints – even from prominent members of their local community], holding protest meeting(s) is usually impossible because the organizers are usually arrested before they can achieve anything, and so on.

Wiki Answers

The Wiki Answer response goes on to say that penalties for speaking out in Nazi Germany were drastic. Many accounts of that period document that some people did attempt to stand up and speak out but they were eventually silenced by being arrested and sent to prison or concentration camps. “Their “crime” was often reported as treason. The media did not report them as having spoken out.

You might say, nobody is taking anybody to prison for speaking out, for dissenting… however, it seems like in Nazi Germany, we have a media that will not report folks speaking out – they will not give a platform to any dissenting viewpoint(s).

Despite there being many – hundreds, if not thousands of “experts” who question whether wearing a mask either indoors or outdoors is effective – those viewpoints are now labeled as not “conforming to community standards” on social media and in media reporting. They are designated as “fringe” and “non-scientific” despite the fact that many of those speaking out are, in fact, doctors, scientists, and experts. They’re just not the kind of experts that fit the current “narrative.”

Who is setting the “narrative” and who is deciding what is now to be accepted as “law” or “scientific” is a very good question and one for separate analysis.

What the media is not reporting and many are unaware of…Here are some examples that should concern most Americans – in fact, people worldwide.

The CDC said, as did the WHO, that masks were not scientifically demonstrated to be effective in preventing the spread of viruses – but now that is tossed out the window. Suddenly, even Dr. Fauci changes his opinion on this. Now we MUST wear the MASK. There are many dissenting opinions on this – from a scientific and medical viewpoint, but they are now labelled as not conforming to community standards” and believed, then, to be “fringe, unscientific” viewpoints.

The result – everyone marches in step to the “narrative.” Even if that narrative changes…

Parents have been thrown off airplanes because a two-year-old would not keep a face mask on. Should the parent have tied the child’s hands to make sure they didn’t remove the mask? What?

We are now learning of people being arrested, in fact, tased and handcuffed, for not wearing a mask while in a public setting where social distancing is being observed.

This is one of the most heartbreaking videos I have seen – for so many reasons. A woman is told by school security personnel that she must wear a mask. She responds that she is asthmatic and cannot wear one…End of the scene – she is tased, handcuffed, and marched off the facility – all in the presence of her two young children and her community. Eventually, some of them are heard expressing some concern about the heavy-handedness of the security personnel, but it is not until she is tased that one man gets up to say – hey that’s enough. Of course, the security personnel paid no attention. Watch the video – there were others, including school security personnel – not wearing masks.

@TonyaFree9 via Twitter noted that “a woman not wearing a mask will be arrested much faster than a murder suspect or a rapist.” Below is the YouTube video of her “arrest.” (The school district is now saying she was tased, handcuffed and removed for trespassing.)

Is this ok with the rest of America?

Here’s another. Churchgoers in Idaho who had congregated outdoors to sing hymns were arrested for not wearing masks – in a county in Idaho that has had NO COVID-19-related deaths. Zero. Watch the police arrest these individuals for exercising their First Amendment rights to peacefully congregate and practice their religion.

The United States is not the only populace being affected by this tyranny. Reports out of Australia – particularly Victoria, England, and Germany – have seen the same draconian actions by law enforcement.

Have you heard that people are dissenting and peacefully protesting worldwide against the lockdowns?

There have been months of anti-lockdown demonstrations in Germany, England, and Australia. Have you seen any of these on U.S. media???

A tweet from Germany states that over 1 million demonstrated in Berlin a few weeks ago – against the lockdowns. Then asks, “Can anyone tell me why thousands of Germans aren’t dropping like flies?” (following the large gathering weeks earlier)

Here’s another tweet on Berlin demonstrations.


The point here is not whether 40,000 or 1 million marched in Berlin – the point is that people are “speaking out” but mainstream media is pretty much just not reporting it. I mean mass demonstrations in Berlin and most Americans are unaware? These have gone on for weeks – as they have in London and elsewhere.

Oh, and these have actually been peaceful demonstrations – except for the police arresting folks for not wearing masks….and of course, for disagreeing with the government’s “narrative.”

This post says you didn’t hear about the large demonstration in London? Didn’t think so – get your news elsewhere and links to a post on BrandNewTube.com
This post discussed the lockdown protests in London on 20 September, noting that 32 were arrested. It is also noted that a second round of lockdowns would be devastating to the economy of the UK.
This is footage of an anti-lockdown protest in London on 29 August.

And Australia: Here’s a link to lockdown protesters being arrested with commentary on people being prohibited to say anything contrary to “the narrative.” It’s also noted that this is in the one district in Australia where the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) influence is the strongest.

Medical professionals are being silenced for reporting that they have successfully treated COVID-19 patients. Spoiler: HCQ treatment is under $25 compared to the thousands for some of the as-yet-approved COVID-19 treatments or the billions that the pharmaceutical industry will make for an approved – and possibly government-mandated – vaccine.

Is it possible that those who might gain the most from this “pandemic” are the ones setting the narrative? Again that’s another piece of analysis.

Last night on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show, she noted that while we have people rioting, smashing, looting in the streets nationwide we are arresting churchgoers for singing hymns?

Why are we arresting a mom for not wearing her mask? Kicking a family off an airplane because, not surprisingly, a two-year-old will not keep a mask on? Why are we insisting on large-scale lockdowns that are having incredibly negative effects on our citizens and our economies?

These are questions that more of us should be asking – and loudly. What is it that is really going on right now in our society – in fact, our world? Why is it that other experts are diminished, negated, and silenced for expressing their science-based observations and results? Why are some, select experts allowed to completely flip-flop on their recommendations but even larger groups of experts are to be ignored and more importantly, silenced?

Resistance is hard. It’s much easier to go about your business, quickly put on a mask and get in and out of whatever store you need to go to. Much easier than saying, “no I will not comply” – there is actually no law passed by any state or federal legislature which legally compels me to wear a mask or which compels me to give up my rights to choose what is medically right for me.

These are decrees issued without the consent or approval of our elected officials. All of the medical limitations inflicted on our society were initiated because we did not know at first what was about to hit us in terms of the coronavirus that originated in China. Everyone worried, everyone panicked – we initially, and sensibly, relied on those in our government agencies who were supposed to have our best interests at heart.

The time for panic is over – the time for reflection and questioning is here. Will we continue to give up our rights and our children’s rights when we have ample evidence that many of the measures still being forced upon our citizenry are unnecessary and – in the opinion of other “non- approved narrative” scientists – not even in our best interests? Will we continue to let Big Tech and other interests dictate our political speech and continue to silence us?


Another expert – Former Pfizer, Chief Science Officer, speaks out.

Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, says that half or even “almost all” of tests for COVID are false positives.
Worth noting – some of these doctors were fired or threatened with loss of their medical licenses for reporting their results in successfully treating COVID-19.