BLM Says Cops Must Die – Larynzo Did What He Was Told – Shoot Cops


For many months now we have been told that what we are seeing in our streets is simply peaceful protest. In the intelligence business, we have a term for this kind of statement. We call it a lie.

One billion dollars in damage have been caused to date by these “peaceful” protests.

We have also been – told over and over -that the objectives of the ongoing unrest are limited reforms, things like more money for public housing, improved oversight of policing, more economic opportunities for minorities. These too are lies.

The express agendas of the groups tearing this nation apart – Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States, and many others – are expressly Marxist. They do not want to reform anything. They want to burn it down and replace it with a Communist state.

But here is the most insidious lie of all, the one we tell ourselves. This will all be over soon. The riots will burn themselves out. Things will go back to normal.

Not a chance. Things are just getting started.

The people instigating the chaos in this country have no intention of backing off. They have only begun their efforts to destroy the existing social, political, and economic order. We have seen attacks on police stations and courthouses for months. These were not random. These attacks were orchestrated as deliberate attempts to weaken and delegitimize the existing governmental structure.

Now we are moving to the next phase of the insurrection, the one in which police officers, and presumably soon, other public officials, are targeted with lethal force. The revolutionaries have now begun killing people.

Days ago, two Louisville police officers were shot during a BLM riot in that city. Two weeks ago, two Los Angeles deputy sheriffs were shot while sitting in their patrol car. Protesters then gathered outside the hospital where the deputies were being treated yelling “Death to the police” and promising that all police officers would be killed one by one. Nationwide 37 police officers have been killed so far this year.

These are not isolated incidents. They are the beginning of a nationwide targeting of police officers that will almost certainly result in further deaths in the weeks and months ahead. This is not simply a matter of isolated individuals losing their “cool” and acting irrationally. These actions are coming in direct response to the messages being broadcast by the groups trying to destroy this nation.

BLM and Antifa rhetoric is and has always been expressly violent. Letha Winston, a Black Lives Matter (BLM) member speaking in Portland earlier this year did a good job of capturing the kind of rhetoric routinely used in rallies by members of this organization. She referred to cops as filthy and disgusting and indicated they should “fry like bacon.” She went on to declare a “war” in which BLM militants would shoot back. She closed her remarks by saying she would continue her “mission” by “any means necessary.

There is nothing unique about Winston’s remarks. They are typical for a movement, which routinely talks in terms of murdering police officers. Phrases like “Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Splatter” are chanted derisively. Speakers at BLM events speak about putting police officers in “their graves” and burning down the White House. One stated during her remarks her wish that all police officers had died in the womb, strangled by their mothers’ umbilical cords.

Increasingly, the rhetoric of BLM sounds like that of the old Black Panthers, themselves resurgent in their modern incarnation as the Revolutionary Black Panther Party. This is an organization that arms itself and prepares for open warfare. It is worth remembering in this connection that the original Black Panthers specialized in assassinating police officers and killed several dozen of them before they were done.

We are dealing with what is increasingly an open insurrection in our streets, one which seeks to destroy the republic. A sympathetic overwhelmingly leftist media apparatus does its best to conceal the magnitude of what is occurring from the American people, knowing full well that the average American – if they were aware of what is really at stake – would opt for strong, effective action to crush the groups at work and arrest their leaders.

None of that changes the reality of what is happening or the clear, unambiguous language of the Marxist leaders at work in our streets. In June the president of the Greater New York Black Lives Matter chapter said that if the movement failed to achieve “meaningful change” it would “burn down” the system. He wasn’t speaking figuratively.

Last week young Larynzo Johnson shot two police officers in Louisville. Larynzo didn’t come up with that idea on his own. In the final analysis, all he did was do what he was told.