Beijing’s Partners in Destroying America


The Ford Foundation was, up until relatively recently, the largest private foundation in the United States. It remains one of the biggest. It has in excess of $12 billion in assets.

The Ford Foundation has also been known for many years to be heavily backing extreme left-wing causes. It is, for example, a major contributor to the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM), which is busily setting American cities ablaze and now sliding into the assassination of police officers.

The Ford Foundation would also seem to be completely in bed with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and a part of what is known as Chinese United Front operations worldwide. In 2017 the Ford Foundation entered into a formal partnership with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC). In announcing the partnership, the Ford Foundation thanked the CPAFFC for agreeing to work with them and noted that the foundation was particularly pleased by the fact that the CPAFFC had relationships worldwide, which could now be exploited. The Ford Foundation also expressed its gratitude to the public security authorities of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for allowing this partnership to take place.

The CPAFFC is one of three major foreign affairs organizations of the PRC. Its stated official goal is to promote friendship and mutual understanding between the Chinese people and foreign nations. In reality, it functions as a front organization for the Chinese United Front system. In this role, it influences and co-ops elites – like people who run giant foundations with massive endowments – to promote the interests of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CPAFFC is, in effect, the public face of a massive, worldwide Chinese Communist effort to advance the PRC’s interests.

In the United States, the United Front pursues a staggering array of initiatives. It seeks to sow divisions between the federal government and the states. It coopts ethnic Chinese Americans. It seeks to turn the American people against Taiwan. It promotes the view that democracy and communism are equivalent systems. In doing so, it uses relationships with a vast number of universities and think-tanks, newspapers, radio and television, business, as well as national, state, and local governments.

“United Front work has taken on a level of significance not seen since the years before 1949,” Anne-Marie Brady, a political scientist at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, said last year. “(China) is increasingly able to use its soft-power ‘magic weapons’ to help influence the decision-making of foreign governments and societies.”

Operating partly through Chinese officials in embassies outside China, its activities include influencing the Chinese diaspora to back China, co-opting foreign political and economic elites, promoting Beijing’s agenda worldwide and forming a China-centered economic bloc, the political science professor added. In short, the United Front works to influence individuals and organizations outside of China to the advantage of the CCP. CCP Chairman Xi has, in fact, quoted Mao’s description of the United Front as one of China’s “magic weapons,” and has elevated its role in the party, adding 40,000 staff to the department since he took power.

In its work, the United Front explicitly focuses on co-opting representatives of ethnic minority groups, religious movements, and business, science and political groups. Its goals include undermining social cohesion, exacerbating racial tension, and influencing politics. It looks for wedge issues it can exploit to the advantage of its masters back in Beijing.

The Ford Foundation’s decision to enter into a relationship with the Black Lives Matter Movement coincides closely with its decision to work with the CPAFFC. In making the decision to back BLM the Ford Foundation stated that it was its express goal to funnel at least $100 million into that organization. It did not simply invest or donate and then walk away either. It announced from the outset its express desire to be on the ground floor of building what would be a nationwide movement with far-ranging, strategic goals.

In short, the multi-million dollar initiative that the Ford Foundation launched to help build out the Black Lives Matter Movement appears to have all the trappings of a classic United Front operation. A group of wealthy elitists inside the United States, with what were already clearly leftist leanings, seem to have been coopted into funneling huge amounts of money into an expressly Marxist organization with the goal of undermining American democracy, breaking down social cohesion and order, and thereby weakening the United States globally. In that, it would seem, the Ford Foundation has been spectacularly successful.

Where our government has been throughout this process seems unclear, although every day the extent to which all of our institutions – public and private – have been penetrated by what can only be called Marxist ideology appears ever greater. One would think that somewhere along the line someone in our vast intelligence and law enforcement edifice would have noticed that a huge and very powerful American foundation had entered into a formal partnership arrangement with a known part of a worldwide Chinese intelligence and influence operations apparatus. One would think that any number of alarm bells would then have gone off when this entity, now joined at the hip with Beijing, began handing stacks of cash to a group dedicated to “abolishing” the United States.

Apparently not. As of today, the Ford Foundation continues to operate freely and to remain a financial backer of the Black Lives Matter movement. The chaos in our streets and the multiple shootings of police officers do not seem to have impacted that at all. Beijing’s partners in undermining our system and promoting chaos on our streets continue their work uninterrupted.

BLM leader calls for the abolishment of the United States. “Abolish the United States as we know it” and the crowd of BLM supporters cheer.