You Can’t Find What You’re Not Looking For – DHS Releases Misleading Report On Domestic Violent Extremist Threats


Last week the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a threat assessment. One of the major components of that assessment was a review of the terrorist threat to the United States. That included a heavy focus on what DHS calls Domestic Violent Extremists or DVE’s. The report concluded that the primary DVE threat comes from white supremacist groups.

That conclusion may surprise the average American who has watched for the past six months as cities have been burned, police precincts sacked and law enforcement officials targeted for assassination by openly Marxist groups calling for the “abolition” of the United States of America. Even more surprising than the conclusion, however, might be the complete lack of supporting statistics other than a single graph, which carries the following “qualifying notation.

“This chart depicts DVE and homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) attacks in the US since 2018 that posed a threat to life, based on DHS data. 2019 was the most lethal year for domestic violent extremism in the United States since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. We are still evaluating data for incidents occurring in 2020.”

DHS Threat Assessment

Yes, in the midst of what can only be characterized as an open Marxist insurrection, DHS published a report saying white supremacists are our main concern, but based that assessment on data ten months out of date.

That does not happen by accident. Everyone responsible for pushing out this report at DHS knew that it was going to be taken, not as a historical document, but as an assessment of where we are now and what we have to fear. They did in any way, and they did it deliberately to feed a narrative that there is nothing to fear from left-wing violence and that only right-wing, white supremacist groups pose a threat to the republic. They knew that three weeks prior to the most contentious Presidential election in modern American history this report would be used for partisan political purposes, and they were happy to serve that purpose.

We are almost four years from the election of President Donald J. Trump. We have passed through a coup attempt, an absurd impeachment charade, and now the hysteria of the coronavirus scare. Yet, the Deep State keeps doing its best to come up with new ways to hamstring this President and further the interests of his opponents.

The truth is our law enforcement and homeland security agencies don’t come within ten miles of domestic leftist extremist groups. That’s a good way to end your career. Such groups enjoy a “free pass.” A gaggle of guys in Michigan with a virtually incomprehensible mishmash of ideologies who aspire to kidnap the Governor get taken down in a heartbeat. A thousand man strong group calling itself the Not F***ing Around Coalition (NFAC), espousing an ideology, which says white people will serve as slaves to Blacks in heaven and demanding the state of Texas as an independent Black nation are regarded as no threat at all.

What we should have is a law enforcement and security apparatus that is truly color blind, not just in the sense of pigmentation, but in all respects. If you and your buddies spend your free time stockpiling weapons and explosives and plotting to overthrow the duly elected government, kill law enforcement officers and kidnap public officials you ought to be arrested and rapidly find yourself in front of a judge being sentenced to serious time in prison. Your ethnicity, your religion, and your political persuasion ought to be irrelevant.

You can have a picture of Hitler, a picture of Stalin, or a picture of Mickey Mouse on your clubhouse wall. You are going to jail.

That is what we ought to have. It is not the current reality. Six months into a rebellion fueled by groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Black Lives Matter, Liberation Road, and a whole flock of Antifa groups espousing anarchist principles, the leaders of this insurrection remain free. The logistical support apparatus that fuels the disturbances is untouched. The money continues to flow.

We have seen the President of the United States have to take shelter in a bunker under the White House to guarantee his security against the mobs surging through the streets of Washington, DC. We have seen entire chunks of American cities declared autonomous zones and watched entire neighborhoods burn. The groups perpetrating this unprecedented violence on a national scale remain somehow shrouded in violence and unknowable.

The FBI can’t figure out who’s behind all this? Funny. You can’t find what you don’t look for.