Joe Biden Cannot Be President – Time For The Democrats To Put “Country Before Party”


No rational person can any longer have any question about the corruption of Hunter Biden and his father Joe. Even the most skeptical must admit in light of the recent revelations produced by the New York Post and Breitbart that President Trump’s use of the term “Biden Crime Family” is completely appropriate.

Hunter was the bag man for a family enterprise. He traveled the globe collecting the payoffs necessary to secure meetings with his father and his father’s intervention on behalf of the world’s thugs, dictators, and communist regimes.

And, yet, incredibly these are no longer our biggest concerns. We are not simply faced with the possibility of a crook being elected to the highest office in the land. We are facing the very real possibility of having a man, Joe Biden, who is owned by the Chinese Communist Party sit down in the Oval Office.

The amounts of money that are involved are staggering. In one meeting with Communist Chinese officials, Hunter Biden secured $1 Billion. That sum was later upped to $1.5 Billion. No one – at this stage – can even begin to assess the total amount of money provided by Beijing to the Bidens. No one at this stage can even begin to quantify the number of “deals” Hunter made with the Communist rulers of China.

We have known for some time that Chinese businesses implicated in espionage on American soil have been connected directly to Hunter Biden. They stole American nuclear secrets. They targeted sensitive technology used in the F-22 program. We have also known that at a minimum Joe Biden, watched all this happen and did nothing.

Now we see more clearly exactly how all this worked. Recent revelations by Breitbart concerning a visit by a Chinese delegation including Chinese Communist Party officials to Washington, D.C. spell out in stark detail the staggering amount of money the Chinese represented, and the role Hunter played in getting them the meetings they wanted with senior American officials. Those meetings included a visit to the White House itself, where, according to Breitbart, the Chinese met directly with then Vice-President Biden in a meeting deliberately kept off the official White House calendar.

The Bidens seem to have taken a lot of cash from a lot of people around the world. None of that seems to have come anywhere close to the amount of cash the Chinese forked over. In fact, viewed through the lens of what we now know perhaps the first question we need to ask is what has Joe already done at the behest of his Chinese masters.

When he convinced Barack Obama to back off on plans to push back on Chinese expansionism in the South China Seas was he simply demonstrating a lack of backbone or was he delivering for his Communist co-conspirators?

When Joe stands in front of audiences and tells them that the Chinese Communist Party is no threat to the United States is he simply demonstrating almost pathological naivete or is he following Chinese United Front talking points?

When Joe stood up and opposed Donald Trump’s shutdown of travel from China in February and Joe branded him a xenophobe was he simply incompetent and indecisive or was he saying what he had been paid to say?

We need to know the answers to those questions – not months or years from now – but before anyone even considers entrusting a man who may be completely compromised with control of our nuclear arsenal and the fate of the free world. We won’t get answers in the time remaining before the election. Even were the FBI not compromised by Christopher Wray it could not possibly hope to resolve these matters in two and a half weeks.

Wray should be fired. The FBI, under the direction of someone with integrity and competence, should run this matter to the ground, and any number of individuals including Joe Biden should go to prison. That won’t solve the immediate problem though.

To do that, we need the Democratic Party to stand up and do the right thing. The senior levels of that machine are filled largely with hard-nosed political functionaries for whom abstractions like country and patriotism are meaningful only as lines to use in manipulating the great unwashed to their benefit. We must hope, though, that there remain men and women within the party that recognize there are things that are more important than partisan advantage.

Biden cannot remain the candidate of the Democratic Party for the office of President of the United States. He is not simply corrupt. He is now potentially a threat to the national security of the United States of America. The Democrats spent years trying to convince us Donald Trump was a Russian asset based on a dossier with all the substance of a comic book. The information now presented against Joe Biden dwarfs that by comparison.

We cannot risk having a Chinese agent take control of the White House.

Joe Biden cannot be allowed to be President. It is time for the Democratic Party to do the right thing, put “country ahead of party,” and remove Biden as their nominee.