More “Experts” Being Silenced By Big Tech – What Did They Say?


America’s Frontline Doctors held its 2nd Summit in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on Saturday. They are a group of physicians and researchers who feel strongly that mass lockdowns, masking requirements, and the prevention of early COVID-19 treatment has caused immeasurably suffering – and likely unnecessary deaths – in our fight against COVID-19. As of early this morning, their video and tweets appear to still be spreading on Twitter and YouTube.

America’s Frontline Doctors held its 1st Summit in June of this year and articles, tweets, Facebook posts, and videos were widely censored online. Just days ago, Dr. Scott Atlas – a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force was suspended from Twitter for posting that masks don’t work particularly well in the fight against COVID-19.

(Dr. Atlas) “falsely claimed that masks don’t work in combating COVID-19. Twitter said the tweet violated the platform’s COVID-19 Misleading Information Policy.”


Despite Twitter’s “fact-checking” and “fact-checkers” recent CDC data shows that the overwhelming majority of those who contracted COVID-19 wore masks!

Some other interesting points made in the video that you should watch: suicide rates are up, people generally and children specifically are scared. One psychiatrist says that we seem to be in a state of “mass hysteria.” Other doctors plead with their fellow physicians to speak out about the treatments that are working against COVID-19. Towards the end, Dr. Simone asks that the public share this video with health professionals everywhere and encourages them to visit their website where they have a repository of studies that support their points of view. Visit their website here.

Here’s the full video: Now removed (aka censored) from YouTube.

This is an alternative site to view America’s Frontline Doctors’ Second Summit in D.C. a few weeks ago:


This article was updated on 24 October, 2020 to insert a working link to the video that was removed by YouTube of America’s Frontline Doctors Second Summit.