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Are The Chinese One Step Away From Putting Their Man In The White House While The FBI Worries About Iranian Spam Mail?


The smoking disaster that is our Intelligence Community (IC) was on full display Wednesday. The FBI gave a hastily arranged press conference to inform us of the danger of election interference by the Iranians and the Russians. The Iranians have already begun sending spoof emails to potential voters seeking to sow dissension. The Russians may soon follow suit. Americans need to on guard.

Really? That is a national crisis? We should be terrified of the Iranians and the Russians, but nobody has any concerns about the Chinese interference in our electoral process?

The same FBI that wants us to believe that Iranian spam is a serious threat to our democracy is the same FBI that has been sitting on Hunter Biden’s laptop for ten months. That laptop is filled with evidence of what appears to be a worldwide operation by the Biden family to cash in on Joe Biden’s position as Vice-President and then as former Vice-President. It is also filled with evidence to suggest very strongly that Joe Biden – the Democratic Party candidate for President – looks like he may be bought and paid for by Beijing.

In fact, just today a former business partner of Jim Biden and Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski – a former U.S. naval officer – confirmed that he was the recipient of one of the emails from the alleged Hunter Biden laptop and has stated that the “Big Man” referred to in the email as getting 10% of the $10 million payment from a Chinese company is indeed former vice-president Joe Biden.

Throughout the entire Democratic Party’s primary process the FBI had this laptop, filled with evidence of Joe Biden’s potential illicit dealings with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its possession. It said nothing. It apparently did nothing. As Americans all over the country went to the polls and party leaders deliberated and a man, who may well be a real-life Manchurian candidate, moved ever closer to securing the Democratic Party nomination to be President of the United States, the FBI kept the evidence in its possession under wraps?

Did the FBI really sit silently, doing nothing to pursue what could be the biggest counterintelligence case in the history of the world – the compromise of the American Presidency by a Communist regime?

Did the FBI deliberately conceal this explosive evidence of Joe Biden’s potential corruption? That question really only scratches the surface of the incomprehensible nature of the Intelligence Community’s actions in regard to Joe Biden and his connections to Beijing. Even a cursory review of the evidence that has now come to light from Hunter Biden’s laptop and from many other sources, shows that the Biden family enterprise has been taking massive quantities of cash from China (and apparently other countries) for many years and no one has done anything to stop it.

A recent Senate report on this matter stated that Hunter Biden was involved in millions of dollars worth of “questionable transactions” with Chinese nationals going back to at least 2009. These were not simply businessmen. A great many of them had direct connections to the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese military.

Prominent in Hunter Biden’s dealings was, for example, Ye Jianming. Per the Senate report, “Ye and his associates had robust relationships with China’s military units, some of which were involved in matters in direct opposition to U.S. policy in the region.” Ye also served as deputy secretary-general of the China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC) from 2003 to 2005.

CAIFC is responsible for collecting intelligence and conducting propaganda and perception management campaigns. It is part of what is known as China’s United Front Department. One of the explicit goals of that United Front is to co-opt elites in foreign countries and get them to take actions and implement policies advantageous to the interests of Beijing.
The United Front buys foreign leaders and turns them into agents of the Chinese Communist Party.

Ye gave millions to Hunter, and that money did not stay with him. The evidence is now overwhelming that much, perhaps even most, of it was passed on to other members of the Biden family, including Joe. Not surprisingly, then, the Senate committee said the financial ties between Hunter Biden, his family, and the Chinese nationals “don’t just raise conflicts of interest concerns, they raise criminal financial, counterintelligence, and extortion concerns.”

There has been an almost endless number of meetings and trips to China. There have been perhaps thousands of emails and bank transactions. The growing evidence seems to indicate that Beijing has been paying off one of the most powerful men in America for the better part of a decade at least. And our spy agencies, have either missed this entirely or are somehow complicit in choosing to allow it to continue without interference.

That leaves us, in effect, two choices. We can believe that our massive Intelligence Community simply missed the fact that a man who might be on the precipice of sitting down in the Oval Office and becoming the most powerful individual on the planet has been completely compromised by a hostile foreign power. Or we can believe that our Intelligence Community is complicit in allowing Beijing to get this close to buying the Presidency.

Neither one of those choices is particularly appealing, but that is the reality of the situation in which we find ourselves. The fate of the republic may hang in the balance. Is Beijing literally one step away from putting their man in the White House while the FBI’s focus is on Iranian spam mail?