Independent News Source Claims Antifa Member Says “Whoever Gets Elected We Will Stay In The Streets”


Many Americans agree and are worried about post-election violence.

Independent Media PDX tweeted that an ANTIFA member in Portland stated that “Regardless of who gets elected nothing is going to change, we struggle everyday as the working class. Neither one elected (President Trump or former vice-president Joe Biden) will bring liberation for the working class. Whoever gets elected we stay in the streets.

Another Twitter user – @HdianCan – responding to another user who stated “there’s no reason to believe that a Biden win will unleash civil unrest” stated that Kamala had actually encouraged ANTIFA and BLM to continue protesting after the election.

“Oh really, remember what Kamala said to Antifa and BLMDon’t stop even after the election.” Don’t forget that the left is responsible for the violence that has gone on in your country. Those weren’t proud boys burning down buildings and killing innocent people.”


Another Twitter user stated that many people in the U.S. were expecting violence following the election as well. @LeismanScott stated that “gun stores (are) sold out even in blue areas when the democratic party unleashed BLM and Antifa to assault America.” “(N)ow they are selling out again, and manufacturers can’t keep up with demand, because people are concerned about violence after the election.

Reports indicate that gun sales have increased greatly in 2020 -whether due to the COVID-19 pandemic or the nationwide protests and violence that has occurred since the spring of this year.