Leslie Stahl Tells VP Pence That He And President Trump “Have Insulted 60 Minutes”


President Trump Shares Video Of 60 Minutes Interview

President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were interviewed by 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl. The White House apparently was so dismayed by the slanted and biased questions coming from Stahl that they decided to release their video of both the presidential and vice-presidential interviews.

Stunningly, Leslie Stahl interrupted the President 73 times during a forty-five-minute interview. The first interruption comes just one minute into the questions posed by Stahl. It seemed that Stahl’s line of questioning was intended to produce enough soundbites on specific topics for the final edit…and to irritate or push the President into saying something inflammatory. It is hard to imagine Stahl or any other “journalist” would be so rude to a U.S. president or world leader of any country. At many points, she implies that the President is lying saying “that’s not true…” After almost forty minutes the President turns to his staff and says he thinks that they have enough and the President and VP Pence and staff leave, saying they will return in a few minutes.

Vice-President Pence and staff return for Pence’s interview with Stahl. The Vice-President’s interview was remarkable. Pence ignored Stahl’s repeated attempts to get him to respond to “gotcha” questions like why did the President call Dr. Fauci and idiot. Towards the end of Stahl’s interview with VP Pence, she states that he (VP Pence) and the President have “insulted 60 Minutes.”

Here’s are the links to the full interviews put out by the President via his Facebook page. The videos show only the President and Vice-President on-screen – Stahl and her crew can be heard off-screen. Judge for yourself who was insulting to whom…