Project Veritas Exposes Google’s HUGE Influence On U.S. Political Process And Elections


‘There are many ways’ to influence elections … ‘I think ads is one way’ … ‘I think another way is search results’ … ‘YouTube is going to be another one’

Senior Google Executive Ashwin Agrawal

In a stunning video obtained by Project Veritas (PV) from Google Executive Ashwin Agrawal, it is clear that Google is very much aware of the huge amount of influence they wield over not just the daily purchasing decisions of Americans but also the huge influence they have over Americans’ political affiliations and choices. Argawal, who is a leading member of Google Cloud’s global competitive analysis team, said “his company has more than one way to influence elections.”

As noted by Project Veritas founder and CEO, George O’keefe, their power and influence is “scary.” “Google is the most dominant Big Tech company in the world and its power to shape our politics is very scary,” stated O’Keefe.

How Google Influences Users

Agrawal, speaking (unknowingly) to an undercover PV journalist, is clear that Google controls the thoughts of users through a variety of ways – including ads, YouTube recommendations, and search results. Google’s algorithms are capable of steering you in the direction they want to see you steered.

Google and the social media platforms are actively working to affect political behavior…

If you’re a Democrat and you see more and more Democrat (ads), you’re not given an opportunity to change your mind…

Ashwin Agrawal, Google Executive
Republicans, Specifically Trump Supporters – Not Welcome At Google

Agrawal stated that should he become a Trump supporter tomorrow he would probably lose his job. Agrawal

If I say that tomorrow, that I’m a Trump supporter, I’d probably lose my job.”

“Yeah, and I think it wouldn’t be direct, but indirectly it would become very, very hard for me to stay there.”

Ashwin Agrawal, Google Executive
Agrawal Regrets That People Do Not Realize They Are Being Manipulated

Agrawal said he regrets how Google exercises control over users without them becoming aware of how they are affected, according to PV reporting.

I think, the thing that I feel worse about is that people don’t know that it’s happening to them…

That for me is the thing that I feel, like, truly for me, sad about…”

I think it doesn’t matter whether someone in Facebook or Google is sitting and thinking about this. The truth is, a deep platform is influencing you in a way that you didn’t sign up for.

Ashwin Agrawal, Google Executive

View Project Veritas’ video below.