Exclusive Source Revealed – How Parts Of The Intelligence Community Are Working Against President Trump


Last week AND Magazine brought you an exclusive story involving yet more dimensions of the Russian Spygate story. Our exclusive source provided information on Intelligence Community (IC) plans which actually considered not allowing Donald J. Trump to be inaugurated. Yes, the IC considered never transferring power to a duly elected president.

Information uncovered within the last few days by AND Magazine adds significantly to our understanding of the scope of the conspiracy and suggests strongly that subsequent to the election of Donald Trump there was serious consideration given to simply not transferring power to the President-Elect.

According to a former senior Department of Defense official interviewed by AND Magazine, in the wake of Donald Trump’s “surprise” victory in November 2016, a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) was rushed through pushing the false Russian collusion narrative and asserting as the judgment of the Intelligence Community as a whole that the Russians had not only interfered in the election but had done so in order to assist Donald Trump and help him become President. We have known for some time that this NIE was drafted, what we now know is considerably more about the highly unusual way in which it was drafted.

AND Magazine, Sam Faddis, Senior Editor

AND Magazine’s Senior Editor – Charles “Sam” Faddis – revealed AND’s source during an interview with Frank Gaffney on “Securing America.” Also discussed were the IC’s continued “cooking of the books” in terms of attempting to sell the story that the entire IC agreed on the Russian Collusion story. In fact, it turns out that a very small group of senior members of the IC were involved in creating this “narrative.”

That source has now stepped forward. He is COL (Ret.) John Mills, the Former Director, Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Mills spells out how the IC considered never allowing the duly-elected president to ever take office.

Another issue raised during Faddis’ interview with Gaffney is how we are now being told that the Iranians and Russians are attempting to interfere in the 2020 election while most of the media attempts to ignore a growing story on the Biden family’s involvement with China in particular.

Below is the full interview:

Below is the link to a recent OpEd on the Biden family’s involvement with the government of China.