Joe Biden’s “Deplorable” Moment – Calls Folks Who Oppose Him “Chumps”


More Trump Supporters Than Biden Supporters Show Up At Biden Rally!

Now the “Trumpsters” are tweeting “Chumps for Trump!”

During a campaign stop in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden had a rather small group of supporters. A large group of Trump supporters – who were also quite lively – were on hand “booing” during Biden’s speech. As the Trump supporters booed, Biden started calling them “chumps” who opposed him…

Republican House candidate Mike Kelly (PA-16) chimed in on Twitter stating: “Joe Biden should apologize for insulting millions of Pennsylvanians who support @POTUS @realDonaldTrump. I’m proud to be one of those “chumps” (deplorables?) who will choose to Make America Great Again over the Biden/Harris socialist agenda.

Here’s an even better video of the HUGE number of Trump supporters who showed up outside Biden’s rally.