Did Joe Biden Give The Chinese The South China Sea?


As the evidence mounts suggesting Joe Biden was directly involved in taking cash from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) there is a growing chorus of voices raising the possibility that Biden could be blackmailed by the Chinese into doing their bidding in the future. As terrifying as that possibility is it should not be our chief worry. Our primary concern should be not that Biden might be turned. It should be that he has already been turned, and he is already doing Beijing’s bidding.

The reality is that in the world of intelligence sources are rarely blackmailed into doing anything. Instead, they are slowly recruited, manipulated, and bought. Ultimately, they are completely in the pocket of whoever is targeting them and doing their bidding. That process may well have begun years ago with Joe Biden, and he may have begun acting on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party when he was still Vice-President of the United States.

Consider the confluence of events surrounding China’s seizure of the South China Sea and the almost inexplicable refusal of the United States of America to push back against that aggressive and illegal action.

In 2012 Filipino authorities detained Chinese fishermen illegally operating inside the territorial waters of the Philippines. This action was in the vicinity of the Scarborough Shoals. It was also inside the area designated by the Chinese Communist Party as being its territory. Pursuant to this historically unsustainable claim 85% of the South China Sea “belongs” to Beijing.

In response to the legitimate action of the Filipino authorities, the Chinese flooded the area around Scarborough Shoal with Chinese vessels. The Shoal is only 124 nautical miles from the principal Philippine island of Luzon and 550 nautical miles from China’s Hainan Island. It is strategically located in proximity to the entrance to both Manila and Subic Bays. The presence of Chinese forces at this location was, therefore, a direct threat to the national security of the Philippines.

Shortly following this confrontation between China and the Philippines, the United States brokered an agreement for both sides to withdraw their vessels from the area. Manila complied. Beijing ignored the accord. The Obama Administration dropped the matter.

The Chinese remain in control of the area to this day.

In Manila, American inaction was seen as a betrayal. The long-standing American alliance with the Philippines had been tested and found worthless. The cascading impact of this failure to stand with Manila continues to impact our relations with the Philippines to this day.

An emboldened China moved to exploit the clearly evident American weakness. Within months the Chinese were expanding into the Senkaku Island in the East China Sea and infringing on Japanese territorial waters.

In the South China Sea, Scarborough Shoal proved only the beginning. The Chinese streamed vessels into vast expanses of ocean claimed by the Philippines and ignored Manila’s demands that they withdraw.

Then the Chinese got serious. What began as incursions by Chinese ships transformed into something else entirely. In December 2013, the Chinese began building islands in the South China Sea – literally creating dry land where none had existed. These islands became military bases. The Chinese deployed forces including aircraft and missiles. One of the world’s most strategic waterways through which passes a huge amount of critical trade was systematically incorporated into the Chinese Communist state.

The new islands were even formally declared by the Chinese to be part of the province of Hainan.

Where was Joe? Where was the Obama administration’s supposed foreign policy expert and its point man on China?

Biden was the administration’s lead man in the so-called “Pivot to Asia.” Part of that charter theoretically included combatting Chinese expansionism.

In December 2013, the same month the Chinese launched their South China island-building operations, then Vice-President Biden arrived in China aboard Air Force Two. With him on the plane was his son Hunter, already well known to the Chinese from a wide range of previous contacts. Joe and Hunter walked down the stairs from the plane together and received an official state welcome.

Then Joe went off to meetings with Chinese officials and Hunter went off to a meeting where he was given $1 billion from the State Bank of China. That amount, — investment capital in a joint enterprise Hunter entered into with the Chinese Communists — would shortly thereafter be upped to $1.5 billion.

During Joe’s meetings, which were held in the midst of the expanding Chinese seizure of large portions of the world’s most important waterways, his focus was on trade issues. The entire South China Sea situation was largely ignored. At the conclusion of his visit to China, amidst ongoing Chinese aggression, Joe had this to say.

“Wholesome competition and strong competition is fundamentally different than conflict. In fact, we see considerable common interest on the security side. A secure and peaceful Asia Pacific enables economic growth for the entire region.”

Joe Biden via VOA News

The Chinese continued their island-building operations in the South China Sea until October 2015. At that time — having largely completed their occupation of the area — the construction of new islands stopped. Diplomatic discussions between the United States and China regarding the matter continued without result. No action was ever taken by the United States to push back on Chinese militarization of the South China Sea. According to at least one source, when President Obama considered sending the U.S. Navy into the area Joe talked him out of it.

You can choose to look at the sequence of events described and see what you want. You can ignore the flood of Chinese money going into Hunter Biden’s pockets and the mounting evidence that large portions of that went to his father and conclude that Joe Biden’s refusal to stand up to the Chinese Communists has nothing to do with being bought.

You can also choose to conclude that Biden’s inaction in the face of naked aggression and abandonment of a key ally is something more than just weakness. Irrespective of who you are, I think you have to ask yourself what would once have been considered an unthinkable question.

Did Joe Biden give China, specifically the CCP, the South China Sea, and was he paid to do so?


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