Protests & Looting Erupt Last Night In Philadelphia After Police Shoot And Kill Suspect Armed With A Knife…Photos & Video


Following a deadly police shooting rioting, looting and protests broke out in Philadelphia. Thirty police officers from the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) were reported injured overnight – one is still in the hospital. Twenty-nine police officers were hit with bricks, rocks, and other objects while the one officer still being hospitalized was hit and run over by a presumed rioter in a black truck.

The police were responded to a report of domestic violence yesterday afternoon in the Cobbs Creek neighborhood. One poster on Twitter reported that the man who was killed – Walter Wallace – was mentally ill (NFI). Another Twitter user – @EllieRushing – says that neighbors told her Wallace was not charging police, however, there is a video of the shooting from someone who appears to have been parked in his vehicle filming the interaction between Wallace and the police. The person who tweeted the video – @Yarkjair – says Wallace was “charging at them” (the police).

Video posted below shows that the police was outnumbered by hundreds of Black Lives Matter demonstrators and rioters.

The video below via Andy Ngo shows that the protesters torching a police SUV.

@MrAndyNgo posted a video of the police retreating from a large group of BLM rioters who were hurling bricks and rocks at the police.

Below is video of the truck that hit the Philadelphia police officer.

Below is video posted to Twitter by @Lukewearechange showing some of the destruction from the looting and rioting that occurred last night in Philly.