Tucker Carlson Interview Demonstrates The Depth Of “The Swamp” And The Biden Family’s Involvement


Key takeaways from Tucker Carlson’s interview of former Biden family business associate Tony Bobulinski. Bobulinski is discussing his business relationship with the Biden family – this is independent of the news, texts, recordings, documents, and photos coming out of the Hunter Biden laptop.

  • Bobulinski met with Joe Biden twice – therefore Joe Biden was lying when he said he knew nothing about Hunter Biden’s business dealings.
  • The press/media is not just not reporting this story they are repressing it.
  • The facts that have come out from Bobulinski and from Hunter Biden’s laptop have NOT been refuted by the Biden family.
  • Tony Bobulinksi says he came forward because Congressman Adam Schiff, among others, claimed he was just “Russian disinformation.” He said he wants to tell the truth and he has nothing to do with the Russians.
  • Bobulinski was the recipient of the original email released by The New York Post from Hunter Biden’s laptop.
  • Bobulinski contacted the Biden family (via representative Rob Walker) to ask them to get Adam Schiff to retract his statement that he was a Russian disinformation agent and they did not respond. He warned them he would go public.
  • Bobulinski says it’s not his word against the Biden family’s – he’s provided documents, emails, etc. that someone else generated and sent to him.
  • Rob Walker told Bobulinski that he was going to “bury them” – him and the Biden family – if he went forward with his information.
  • The Bidens had deals in more than just the Ukraine and China – Latvia, Romania..
  • Email that Jim Biden says “my chairman” says no – Bobulinski says that was Joe Biden – he was “the chairman,” “the big guy.”