U.S. Intel Fails Again – Biden Family’s Blatant Ties To Senior Chinese Intel Ignored


AND Senior Editor, Sam Faddis appeared on War Room Pandemic this morning to discuss the Biden family business ties and interactions with senior Chinese intelligence officers.

Host Steve Bannon asked how U.S. intelligence agencies could not notice the Biden family connections to Chinese intel. Faddis responded that intelligence agencies had to have seen the correspondence between Biden family members and known or suspected Chinese intelligence officers. He also pointed out that just Hunter’s laptop had tens of thousands of emails, chats, and texts exchanged. How were these not noticed by the National Security Agency (NSA)? How did none of these connections to senior Chinese intelligence and other government officials not get reported to the CIA or FBI?

In short, the collective view of senior members of the AND Magazine team is that those interactions had to have been collected and reported on… There must be a number of folks at NSA, CIA, and the FBI who reported these interactions and watched them get buried in some hole at all of those agencies.

The real questions involve who and why there apparently was never any action or investigation taken over the supposed reporting that would have come of the Bidens’ voluminous interactions with intelligence and government officials in China.

And, like Tony Bobulinski, there are legitimate business people out there who know more of the shady dealings and the influence-peddling that is emerging from both the Hunter Biden laptop and Bobulinski’s phones, emails, etc. who could come forward and shine more light on this issue.

Here’s a serious, sobering, and frightening thought – where would those whistleblowers go?

To the FBI – the agency that has had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop since December 2019?

To the CIA – the agency whose director is refusing to release documents related to the attempted coup against President Trump?

The NSA? Material related to foreign influence operations and potential espionage matters would be turned over to both the FBI and CIA….

So, that leaves us back at FBI and CIA?

I guess they have Tucker Carlson, War Room Pandemic, and some other patriotic outlets, but don’t we allegedly have government agencies that are supposed to be preventing foreign influence operations and the co-opting of our government officials?