Philadelphia City Council Passes Bill Banning Police Using Tear Gas Against “Peaceful Protesters”


A van filled with propane tanks, torches, and possibly dynamite were recovered by police last night.

Philadelphia’s City Council just passed a bill to ban the use of what is known as “less lethal munitions” by police officers. The bill, according to CBS Philly was introduced in May “when police officers used tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray to disperse peaceful protests on Interstate-676.”

In banning the police use of less-lethal munitions in response to demonstrations, we are answering the calls of our constituents. This is a moment where repairing trust between our residents, public officials, and police is (stet) essential. Residential neighborhoods are not warzones. Demonstrators are not enemy combatants. This is a first step in working with our communities to build a new model for public safety that is driven by their needs and their vision for the future.”

Councilwoman Helen Gym

Philadelphia saw its third night of rioting last night. Looting and rioting continued. A Vietnamese Baptist Church was burned down. And, Philadelphia Police discovered a van with explosives, including propane canisters. Police recovered propane tanks, torches, and possibly dynamite sticks from the van. The bomb squad is apparently investigating the matter.

Governor Wolf (D) has referred to the violence, looting, rioting and protesting in Philadelphia as “peaceful protests.” Wolf had said that he would bring in the National Guard, but they have not been seen on the streets of Philly. There are reports of 172 arrests and 52 police officers occurring in the last three nights of violence.