Senator Markey Says We Need “More Censorship” Following Big Tech Testimony In Senate –


We Don’t Need To Know About Government (or Biden’s) Corruption…apparently.

Senator Markey (D, MA) told NBC News that the issue is not that Big Tech companies (Google, Facebook, and Twitter) are “taking too many posts down, the issue is that they are leaving too many dangerous posts up. In fact, amplifying harmful content so that it spreads like wildfire and torches our democracy,” Markey stated.

Anti-conservative bias is not a problem,” he said. So, when the New York Post reports on the corruption of the Biden family – putting facts before the American people – and they are censored by Twitter – that is apparently just fine with Senator Markey. I guess in his brave new “democracy” we the peasants are not allowed to be made aware of the Bidens’ interactions with Chinese “spy chiefs,” or their agreements with Chinese companies that have been implicated in sensitive national security issues?