Truthfulness…Biden’s “Missing Link”


With the presidential election days away, we need to revisit an important point raised by Democrat Joe Biden during the last debate underscoring his whole campaign.  When President Donald Trump stated he ran for office due to the poor performance of Barack Obama’s Administration, Biden—facing the camera to address voters directly—responded: “…you know who I am, you know who he (Trump) is, you know his character, you know my character, you know our reputations for honor and telling the truth…Our character is on the ballot. Look at us closely.”

This same theme is promoted in “Biden for President” campaign banners reading, “Truth Over Lies.”  Normally, a political campaign is built upon a solid foundational block—a candidate’s strength—not his weakness. It is odd, therefore, that Biden seeks attribution of a trait long a missing link in his character.  Being less than truthful first became a Biden character flaw in law school—an institution where the virtue of truthfulness is drilled into all. However, Biden failed to embrace it. Admitting plagiarism on a paper he submitted, it failed to hold him back as he received a law degree in 1968. 

Tragedy struck four years later, right after Biden was elected to the Senate in 1972 but before taking office. A car – driven by Neilia Hunter—his first wife—was struck by truck driver Charles Dunn, killing her and their thirteen-month-old daughter while injuring their two sons.

Despite no evidence of negligence by Dunn, Biden used the false claim during subsequent political campaigns that Neilia had been the victim of a drunk driver—a claim dispelled by the prosecutor involved. It was a particularly painful claim for Dunn to live with, having turned his truck over trying to avoid the accident when Neilia pulled out in front of him. Dunn also attempted to rescue Neilia at the scene. A distraught Dunn took the emotional scar of Biden’s false claim with him to the grave many years later. 

During his 1972 run for the Senate, Biden became friendly with a couple working on his campaign—Bill and Jill Stevenson. As we have recently learned from Bill, that introduction led to an affair between Jill and Biden. Ironically, it would be another car accident—this one minor—occurring in which Bill learned Biden was driving Jill in her own car that aroused his suspicions. 

Despite the falsehood that Biden tells about how the two met, the affair between Joe Biden and Jill led to Jill’s divorcing Bill. However, once again, Bill’s story treats us to another snapshot of Biden’s lack of honesty, this one involving a friend. 

Biden’s 1987 run for the Oval Office brought many of his past transgressions of dishonesty to light. It was during that campaign that his law school cheating was revealed. Ironically, at the time, he was chairman of the Judiciary Committeethe Senate body responsible for vetting federal judges to ensure their character for truthfulness.  Biden also claimed to have “graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school” and been selected as the “outstanding student in the political science department”—all untrue. He boasted at a rally that he graduated in the top half of his law class after receiving a full academic scholarship—untrue claims as well. He actually graduated in the bottom ten percent.

More claims of plagiarism surfaced as well as he had unabashedly embraced quotes of others as his own. His lies caught up with him, forcing him to withdraw from the presidential race.  Forty-seven years in public office has made it difficult for Biden to dodge his penchant for dishonesty.

Amazingly, do-or-die Biden supporters ignore this even though he continues promoting a major mistruth about his own healthcare plan—one also pushed under Obamacare that was so blatantly false the usually liberal Politifact dubbed it as 2013’s “lie of the year.Biden airs the same false promise now, “if you like your healthcare plan, you’ll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period.” This is despite the fact millions of people ended up losing the healthcare plans they liked while the country transitioned to Obamacare.

The adage, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” can be heard echoing in the background.  Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign has, again, borne witness to numerous lies including claims of:

  • his helicopter being “forced down” near Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Afghanistan
  • presenting a medal to a reluctant hero, assuring listeners the false story was “God’s truth”
  • telling an audience in coal country he was a former miner
  • being shot at while in Iraq
  • serving in the early 1960’s as a civil rights activist
  • denying the Obama Administration did not lock people up in cages
  • saying he came out against the Iraq war the moment it started
  • saying he was not opposed to fracking
  • saying CIA officials acknowledged the Hunter laptop story was a “Russian plant,” etc.

Even liberal news sources have criticized such comments as untruthful. 

Biden’s long-established track record of untruthfulness gives credence to two other character flaws about him. The claims by numerous women of inappropriate touching and worse suggest a serial sexual predator seeks the Oval Office.

Additionally, the forays for profit by wayward son Hunter into places like the Ukraine, Russia, and China, reaping financial gain for the Biden clan, cannot–as Joe suggests–simply be dismissed as Russian disinformation.

Initially, to avoid embarrassing questions about his involvement, Biden went into hiding, announcing the end of his personal campaigning nine days before the election–an act unprecedented for presidential candidates in a supposedly close contest.  Biden has since resurfaced for brief appearances but has refused to answer reporters’ questions about the growing scandal surrounding the Biden family enterprises – particularly with communist China.

Any faults Trump has pale in comparison to Biden’s. A near half-century in office has revealed the latter to us. They are most telling about a wannabe president who, having long occupied the “swamp,” now seeks to occupy some prime real estate in Washington, D.C. As the campaign nears its end, Biden seeks to outrun the biggest lie of his career.  

The last time Biden’s lies caught up to him, he had to kill his presidential campaign.

Hopefully, this time around, voters will do it for him.