Is Dr. Fauci In Violation Of The Hatch Act? Why Does A Senior Official Feel The Need To Stump For Biden?


Dr. Fauci has repeatedly done his best to subtly criticize President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Earlier when pushed by the press, he downplayed any disagreement between the President and himself. Now, however, he seems to be going full in on criticizing this President and his administration’s handling of the “crisis.”

This weekend, he came out and fully praised the Democrat’s presidential candidate, Joe Biden. Fauci said that the Biden campaign is “taking it seriously from a public health perspective” – by wearing masks and practicing social distancing on the campaign trail.

May not use official authority to interfere with an election or while engaged in political activity

Hatch Act

So, Dr. Fauci appearing on television and other media – just days before a presidential election – criticizing the president of the United States and praising the President’s political opponent is not “using his official authority” as a senior health official in the administration to “interfere with an election?” One asks, why has he been so adamant about appearing publicly to support Biden’s narrative and discredit President Trump’s and others in his administration’s point of view?