Senior Retired CIA Officer: The Laptop Is Real And So Is The Corruption It Lays Bare


On October 19, 2020, a group of fifty former “intelligence officers” signed on to a letter branding the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop as having all the hallmarks of “Russian disinformation.” The letter was carefully caveated, no doubt out of necessity because otherwise many of the signatories would not have agreed to put their names on the document. Nonetheless, predictably enough, the mass media operating in support of Joe Biden’s campaign for President boiled down the letter to sound bites.

“The Hunter Biden laptop story is a hoax. This is a smear campaign. It is all a lie. Ignore it and vote the way we told you to.”

To my knowledge, none of the fifty individuals who signed the letter in question has seen the contents of Hunter’s laptop. I have. I have had unfettered access to it for days and continue to do so.

Here is my take.

There is no question that the material on the hard drive I have reviewed belongs to Hunter Biden. It is filled with emails, documents, text messages, and images that cover a span of many years. All of these have the associated metadata. Most of the emails are to known individuals with known email accounts. Anyone who has ever done even a cursory forensic examination of a laptop seized from a terrorist safe house or taken from a hostile intelligence officer would not believe for a second that all of this information could somehow be fabricated. Any attempt to do so would be detected in almost no time once the laptop was put under review.

As noted above, what is on the hard drive is not a few emails. It is the entire contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop containing data compiled over years.

The stench of corruption coming off the contents of the laptop is overwhelming. Leaving aside the pornographic nature of many of the images stored on the device, what the documents, emails, and other items show is a mass of shell companies and business dealings. The cast of characters on the American side consists largely of what I will call “princelings,” young, wealthy men whose only claim to fame is having a wealthy, prominent father. Chief amongst these, of course, is Hunter Biden.

All of these transactions ultimately have the same feel. Someone somewhere is paying Hunter Biden and his associates very large sums of money in exchange for influence. Factories are not built. Products are not bought and sold. Hunter and his henchmen bring to the table one thing – connections, and principal amongst these is Joe Biden himself.

This went on for years. The amount of money involved ran into the billions of dollars.

The business dealings in question took place in many countries, including some in South America that to date have hardly been mentioned. From a national security perspective, the most troubling are those that involved China. There, Hunter cut a wide swath. Many of the key figures in his business are senior members of the Chinese Communist Party. Some are known or suspect Chinese intelligence officers. There is no doubt that Hunter knew full well with whom he was dealing.

Is there a document signed by Joe Biden on the laptop saying he was formally agreeing to be an agent of Chinese intelligence and to do the bidding of Beijing? No. Not to my knowledge, although a full review of the laptop’s contents will likely take many more months.

As the signatories of the letter reference above know full well, however, that is not how all this works. Such a document would never be created. Instead, the target, in this case, Joe Biden, would be suborned over a long period of time, compromised, bought in bits and pieces, until he was reliably doing the bidding of his new puppet masters in Beijing.

Chinese United Front operations are well known. Among other things they involve sustained, well-financed operations to coop the elites of foreign nations and bend them to their will. The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop paint a detailed picture of just how such an operation works and how wildly successful it can be. Exploiting Hunter’s own obvious personal demons and the evident desire of the Bidens to cash in big on Joe’s position as Vice-President, the Chinese, in particular, seem to have bought themselves invaluable influence. They may have forked over billions. What they got in return, like the entire South China Sea, seems to have been worth infinitely more.

Ultimately, every American is going to have to make up their own minds regarding which candidate they want in the White House. I won’t pretend to be able to make that decision for them. I can tell them this. The laptop is real and so is the corruption it lays bare.