More Trump Caravans In Texas, California, New Jersey – After Media Criticism Of Biden/Harris Bus Incident


Following an incident in Braunfels, Texas where hundreds of Trump supporters “escorted” the Biden/Harris campaign bus out of town, there was a media report that a Trump supporter had caused an accident. And, it was reported that the FBI was investigating the incident. Footage of the accident appears to have been caused by a truck and a car veering into each other. The alleged incident was captured on video. What was also captured on video was that the Biden/Harris campaign bus was straddling two lanes, making it difficult for both Trump supporters and regular highway goers to navigate the highway.

Following the media blow-up and Biden’s public statement against the Texas Trump supporters, thousands have taken to the streets with both American and Trump flags across the nation.

Separately, many on social media are criticizing the Trump caravans for blocking traffic, etc, however where were their complaints about Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA blocking traffic across the nation for the last several months? Most reports noted that some (not all) of the Trump caravans had briefly stopped traffic in most cases due to the volume of attendees.

Here’s alleged video of the Biden/Harris bus incident in Texas.

Here’s a video of California and Texas Trump trains.

Here’s video of a trump caravan in New Jersey shutting down the highway it attracted so many attendees.

Reports of Trump fans gathering with flags and signs in overpasses near St. Paul, Minnesota.