Take To The Streets. Let Them Know You See Them. Let Them Know They Will Not Steal This Election From The American People.


When Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016 he ignited a firestorm of opposition. That wasn’t because he was a racist, a homophobe, or a Nazi. It was because he was a populist who had sunk a well into a white-hot magma chamber of resentment. The American people – betrayed for a generation by their “leaders” – were fed up.

The self-appointed “elite” reacted with fury. An unholy cabal of professional politicians, Big Tech, the legacy mass media, and 1%’ers who had gotten rich off of offshoring our manufacturing base and impoverishing the heartland came at Trump with both barrels. They accused him of being a Russian spy. They accused him of abusing his office in Ukraine. His achievements were deemed unworthy of news coverage. Every salacious accusation imaginable was magnified and dignified with airtime.

It was not enough. The President withstood it all.

And, so, the “elite” decided to simply steal the next election.

What little pretense of regular order that remained was discarded. Using COVID-19 as an excuse, Democratic legislatures and governors across the nation gutted election laws that had stood for hundreds of years. Mail-in ballots would be accepted for many days after the polls had closed. Safeguards to ensure they were legitimate would cease to exist. In short, the requirement to confirm in any meaningful way that a vote was legal was to be discarded in order to ensure that enough of the “right” votes – votes for Biden – would be tallied.


News coverage that had been skewed suddenly morphed into something out of the old Soviet Union. The President brought peace to the Middle East and was nominated for multiple Nobel Peace Prizes. The fact was ignored. Joe Biden staggered around on stage struggling to complete a full sentence. The obvious physical and mental issues were deemed not newsworthy.

Hunter Biden’s laptop, which I have personally inspected, was found to contain overwhelming evidence of corruption on such a scale and personally involving Joe Biden as to raise major national security issues. Real questions were raised as to whether Joe was, in fact, already compromised by Beijing. Virtually every network and major publication in the nation simply refused to cover the story.

Supporters of the President including government officials were censored on Twitter. “Fact-checkers” worked overtime to make sure we knew that pro-Trump assertions were false and pro-Biden statements “factually correct.”

Polls were fabricated whole cloth, it appears, to make sure the populace knew the game was over. Trump had already lost. Biden had already won. Nothing to see here. If you’re a Trump supporter, you should just stay home on the couch eating pork rinds and watching TV. Not worth your time to vote.

It wasn’t enough. Election Day came. The polls closed. Results began to come in. The President won Florida. There was no Blue Wave. By late evening the President was ahead in every major state whose results had not yet been reported – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia. It seemed clear he was poised to win a second term.

Then, suddenly, mysteriously, vote counting was shut down. A curtain was pulled. We had seen states like California and New York and Texas able to produce definitive results within hours, but, now for some reason, it would require much, much longer to come up with numbers in the remaining states.

It is two days later. We are still waiting for a final verdict. What news does dribble out seems strangely always to favor Biden.

Visibility into the ongoing process is virtually nil. In Michigan, quite literally, observers of the ongoing vote count were prevented from seeing what was happening when cardboard was placed over the windows separating them from the sorting room. In Pennsylvania, observers were required to stand so far from the area where mail-in ballots were being opened and tabulated as to make it impossible for them to confirm anything meaningful about the process in use. Video of ballots being brought into counting centers in boxes, coolers, and suitcases has surfaced – this is after they said they were shutting down vote-counting in Michigan.


All summer we watched as stores and businesses were looted in broad daylight. We are watching now as an election is being stolen under the same conditions. Powerful interests amongst us have simply decided to substitute their will for that of the American people. The ends justify the means. If they must burn down the system to achieve victory they will.

Every American, regardless of political affiliation ought to be outraged. Laws – once disregarded and ignored – do not suddenly spring back to life when you want them applied to protect you or your candidate. They cease to have meaning. A republic becomes an autocracy and pretty soon it becomes a dictatorship. The day comes when you don’t vote at all anymore. You simply wait for the Praetorian Guard in the capital city to tell you who the next Emperor is.

All across this nation for many, many months American patriots have rallied and protested on behalf of President Trump. They have formed car caravans miles long. They have filled harbors with boats. They have stood in the cold on hard concrete for a glimpse of a man who dares to believe that the people should rule.

Those patriots need to stand up again. All across this country what we need right now is a demonstration of both the power and fury of a people who have never submitted to tyranny and have no intention of starting now. In every town, in every city, we need to hear voices, telling the men and women behind this outrageous attempt to steal an election that we will not stand for it. We will not submit. We will not kneel.

Take to the streets. Let them know you see them. Let them know they will not steal this election from the American people.


TAKE ACTION: Here’s another idea – use the website below to find your federal and state representatives and contact them to demand they support fair, legal vote-counting across our nation.