This Is Too BLATANT – Philly Democrats Literally Threaten To Stop Counting Votes If Republicans Allowed To Observe


Updated: This story was updated at 1300 hours to reflect a clarification which seems to make it unclear whether the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has been asked to overrule the lower court which voted to allow Republican observers.

:Pennsylvania Democrats went to court late this morning to fight an appellate court ruling earlier this morning which allowed Republican poll observers back into the vote-counting area at the Convention Center in Philadelphia, according to reporting from Maura Barrett of NBC News.

The mail-in ballot counting was temporarily halted as the Democratic Party appealed that appellate court ruling to Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court. The PA Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Democrats.

So, now that the Democrats have once again ensure that there is no meaningful and fair representation of both parties overseeing the vote-counting process, they have resumed without Republican observers.

Barrett notes in her reporting that the ballot counting is “live-streamed,” but fails to note that the live-streaming does not afford actual and meaningful observation of the ballot counting process. Envelopes, signatures, and any voiding of ballots is basically unseeable which means there is not fair representation of both parties observing the ballot counting.

This is in direct violation of Pennsylvania election law which can be found here.