Live Coverage: Trump Supporters In Philly – Our Votes Count! With “Count The Vote” Counter-Protesters


Watch: Man says “Free Philly.” Lady asks from what? He says from Philly’s corrupt mayor, from PA’s corrupt AG…..

#BLM, @ANTIFA protesters growing larger now….

Trump supporters appear undeterred this morning as they gather at 8:00 in Philadelphia; their mood is good! They are holding “Biden Got Beat” signs and continuing their support for President Trump. Trump supporters gathered outside the Convention Center in Philadelphia this morning at 8:00 am following a quickly organized flyer that circulated on Twitter and Facebook this morning.

This was the Trump supporters around 10:00 am:

This is what the crowd was like at approximately 12: 20 this afternoon. A growing group of “Count The Vote” counter-protesters gathered. The groups were kept mostly apart – at some point a fence was erected to separate the two groups and police were on the scene.

Live outside the Convention Center in Philadelphia, Thursday, 12:20 pm.
Watch: Man says “Free Philly.” Lady asks from what? He says from Philly’s corrupt mayor, from PA’s corrupt AG….. approximately 1230 pm, Thursday.

Larger #BLM, #ANTIFA groups with organizers now appearing in larger numbers at around 12:45 pm outside the Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Here is an exchange between a Trump supporter and an “all votes count” counter-protester. This was at around 1300 hours Thursday.

Mood switching – ANTIFA is definitely now on the scene. For now, at almost 3:00 pm, it’s a mostly “party” mood coming from the ANTIFA and BLM protesters. Apparently they are getting free pizza and they have their tunes going…but along with the dancing, there is “Trump, Pence out now” and “no more KKK.”

At 3:00 pm the Trump supporters are still there, but dwindling in numbers. The #ProtectTheVote gathering that was announced at the last minute drew a number of folks – at least up to 200 or 300 earlier in the morning – with the group gathering at 8:00 am this morning. The BLM and ANTIFA counter-protesters have been steadily growing in number and are organized. As one of the Trump supporters – Mark – (in the video below) noted – we are not organized. He explains why he showed up to support President Trump.