Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Calls Out “Traitorous” Republicans Not Standing With President


Greg Kelly, of Newsmax TV delivered a scathing rebuke of Fox News TV personalities and more interestingly, of prominent Republicans who have remained silent while the President defends himself in the still disputed election.

Kelly rebuked Fox News for its very quick call for Biden in Arizona and of Chris Wallace for refusing to bring up Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings in the first presidential debate. Kelly called out Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, for stating on national televisions, as a paid consultant for ABC News, that he wished the president would not say we have possible election fraud.

Interesting, because President Trump has been saying for many months now that he was concerned about the potential for fraud with – not absentee ballots – but with the wide-scale distribution of mail-in ballots. The Attorney General of the United States, William Barr sparred with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in late September on this very same topic. Barr pointed to numerous, known problems with wide-scale distribution of mail-in ballots with no control mechanisms in place.

As Kelly notes, despite this being a legitimate topic and concern that has been raised for ages, now the Republican establishment (not in its entirety) would prefer that the President of the United States just not mention those concerns.

Kelly names some loyalists of the president – like Jim Jordan (R,OH) and Governor DeSantis (FL) – but calls out Chris Christie and Mitt Romney, among others.

Definitely worth a watch: