Live Coverage From Philly “Stop The Steal” Rally Starts At Noon


AND Magazine will have live coverage of the “Stop The Steal” rally and protests in Philadelphia all day and will update this article throughout the day. Retired CIA Officer Sam Faddis, AND’s Senior Editor and Elizabeth Louise Faddis will be on the street reporting on developments in Philly.

The “Stop The Steal” Rallies are now being held nationwide – mostly in state capitals. The Trump campaign team will be giving a press conference at 11:30 this morning in Philadelphia.

Right Side News broadcasting LIVE from Philly:

AND Magazine photos 1300, 7 Nov 2020 – Philadelphia, PA
1330pm – Philadelphia – #StopTheSteal – AND Magazine – 7 Nov 2020
7 November 2020 Philadelphia, PA Trump #StopTheSteal Rally – – @RealSamFaddis
1315 hours, Philadelphia – combination of Biden and Trump supporters, 7 November 2020

CNN, ABC, BBC have all just announced that Biden has won the presidency despite many states not having even provided final vote counts. In fact, it was announced that many provisional ballots have not yet been counted in Pennsylvania.


Crowds on Biden/BLM/ANTIFA side is larger than the MAGA/Trump supporters. Someone from the Biden side started throwing something and they were escorted away by police. So far – mostly party attitude on Biden side, however their interactions with Trump supporters are generally rude and filled with pretty vile language. Trump supporters say they have to take off Trump paraphanelia (hats, t-shirts) to go to and from their parked vehicles for fear of being harassed. One man told Right Side News that he was there last evening and was approached by a police officer who informed him he had been “targeted” and offered to escort him to his vehicle.

Trump campaign expected to do another press conference this afternoon from Philadelphia, but probably not near the Convention Center at 12th and Arch where protestors are currently gathered.