Exclusive: The Time For A Reckoning Is Now – A New Political Party Is Born


Ever since the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016, both political parties and a great deal of what I think is best characterized as the “legacy media” have lied to the American people about what is really going on in American politics. The leftist media allied with the Democratic party has attempted to characterize the movement that has coalesced around Donald J. Trump as racist, homophobic, violent and fascist. None of that is true.

Take a look at the voting statistics and the analysis of the who voted for whom in the most recent Presidential election. The President represents a multi-cultural alliance of working people focused on individual liberty, economic prosperity and putting the interests of the American people ahead of those of multinational corporations, globalists and that class of elitists who believe it is their God given right to rule over the “great unwashed.”.

He has done more for people of color than any President in living memory. His key advisors include powerful and openly gay leaders like Richard Grenell. This is a movement of and for the people, and all assertions to the contrary are deliberate, calculated lies and propaganda.

Similarly, much of the establishment media on the right and a great many of the “leaders” of the Republican Party have lied through their teeth to the American people about where they stand and where the Party stands. The truth is that Republican presidents – for decades before Donald Trump took office – championed all the things against which the President has fought.

They pushed aggressively for the offshoring of our industries. They kowtowed to Beijing. They sent our sons and daughters to die in endless wars abroad, which guaranteed the Pentagon ever larger budgets and defense contractors every greater profits. Meanwhile their own sons and daughters sat safely at home capitalizing on the access and influence their prominent fathers and mothers afforded him.

These “leaders” have never supported Donald Trump or his agenda. They have smiled for the cameras and made a pretense of Republican unity. In reality, they have worked against the President, undermined his agenda and focused on waiting him out. In their view, he would come and go, and then all would return to business as usual.

However the recent election turns out, whoever sits down in the Oval Office in January, these lies have now been exposed. We can see clearly in the light of day who supports the MAGA agenda. We can see who spoke out against the President and sided with Joe Biden – the Manchurian candidate. Perhaps most importantly, we can see who has chosen to stand aside in the current fight over election fraud and theft and who has taken a stand in support of the Constitution and the Republic.

The pretense is gone. It is time for a reckoning, and the first step in the direction just took place with a declaration of the creation of a new political party, called the Great America Party. Frank Gaffney, head of the Center for Security Policy, announced the move today on Breitbart News. The advance copy of the declaration of the creation of the party, whose website is expected to go live later today, reads as follows:


At the founding of our country in 1776, courageous Americans pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to secure liberty from a government that was unaccountable and that denied them rights given to all men by their Creator. On this day dedicated to prayerful Thanksgiving, as we come together as families and a nation in prayerful celebration of our great national experiment, current generations of Americans must resolve, like our forefathers, to resist tyranny and preserve freedom by declaring, and pursuing, a New Founding for this country.

Such a rededication to our Nation’s revered principles specifically repudiates today’s anti-American repression, including:

The evident hijacking of this year’s election through comprehensive fraud, corruption and other misdeeds and errors that, if allowed to stand, would disenfranchise half the country, delegitimize the politicians who stand to benefit from such wrongdoing – and preclude in the future the free and fair elections essential to the operation of our constitutional Republic;

The failure of the Nation’s two dominant parties to represent the vast majority of Americans and their commitment to limited, accountable and truly representative government and the free exercise of our God-given liberties;

The restriction in particular of our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech by the cumulative constraints imposed by traditional media, technology cartels and big government bureaucrats and regulations;

The indoctrination of our children by government-dominated educational systems that disinform them about America’s exceptionalism and encourage their embrace of sovereignty-sapping and liberty-crushing ideologies and political systems; and

The manipulative and often contemptuous mistreatment of America’s working men and women by self-appointed elites across the country that results in needless divisions, alienation and economic dislocation, to this country’s great detriment and the benefit of our adversaries around the world.

In response to such outrages, Americans who cherish this country’s founding principles – and who are determined both to continue to enjoy their benefits and preserve them for future generations – commit ourselves to renew the Founders’ efforts to achieve a more perfect Union, one that is: rooted in justice; ensures domestic tranquility; provides for the common defense, promotes the general welfare; and secures the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

To reaffirm our shared values and advance these constitutional purposes, we declare today – on the occasion of our revered national holiday of Thanksgiving – the founding of a new political force: the Great America Party (GAP).

These are GAP’s principles and purposes:

The Great America Party believes that:

The United States is truly an exceptional nation, conceived in liberty, under God and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. We have a duty to our children and their children to protect and defend her, and pass on a free, secure nation for them to do the same. For our posterity to perform, in turn, their duty, they must be taught to revere the country all of us are privileged to call our own.

The United States is distinguished by its accountable, representative form of republican government established and governed by its Constitution. That document is, and must remain, the supreme law of the land. Its checks-and-balances crafted by the Founders to prevent governmental abuses and tyranny must be safeguarded and strengthened, not weakened and dismantled.

The United States is a federalist system with the powers of the federal government being deliberately limited by the Constitution and those not expressly assigned to it reserved for the States. In particular, it is the unique responsibility of those in state government closest to the people to determine how best to assure the Founders’ first priority: life.

The United States is a nation governed by the rule of law, adopted with the consent of the people by their elected representatives and applied equally to everyone. It is the duty of government at every level to prevent unlawful threats to public safety, property and the Constitution, itself.

The United States is a beacon of freedom and inspiration for others the world over. America’s strength must be maintained so as to ensure that its enemies, foreign and domestic, can
neither extinguish liberty here at home nor preclude its pursuit by our friends who seek it abroad.

To advance these foundational principles, the Great America Party:

• Welcomes every American who shares GAP’s principles and seeks to inspire, empower and make common cause with those determined to safeguard them;

• Will work with and endorse those associated with other parties and movements that embrace GAP’s principles;

• Opposes those who seek to undermine, mutate or supplant GAP’s principles, whether by violent or non-violent means.

• Intends to ensure that America’s past is appropriately honored and that its greatest days are ahead.

To paraphrase the founder of one of the United States’ most important political parties, Abraham Lincoln, the Great America Party looks forward to contributing to unifying and giving voice to the aspirations of Great Americans [of every race, creed and background] across this country for a new birth of freedom under a government truly of, by and for the people, so that this constitutional Republic, under God, shall not perish from the earth.

The old two-party system may just have died. It is certainly on its last legs. The American people, disgusted, angry and contemptuous of a broken system, have lost all patience with the professional politicians, bureaucratic mandarins and elitists who believe they rule. It is time to remind them of the power of the people. It is time for a reckoning.

Great American Party website.

Editor: This story was updated at 3:53PM 25 November to include a link to new website for the Great American Party and to update the photo for this article