Voter Fraud – First of Three: Did The Dead Vote In Pennsylvania?


An Analysis Of One County – Washington, Pennsylvania

Denise Lynn (Ichenko) Ondick was born on September 10, 1946. She married Thomas Ondick, had two children and passed away peacefully at her home in West Homestead, Pennsylvania on October 22, 2020. Family and friends attended a viewing on October 25th and a funeral mass on October 26th at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, St. Maximilian Kolbe Church, in Homestead.

The day after Mrs. Ondick died her application to vote was received by Allegheny County. Her ballot was mailed out on October 24th. Her ballot was received back by the county office on November 2, 2020. It is unclear for whom she voted.

That’s a documented case, but it has been treated so far as an outlier. There is – we are told repeatedly – no evidence that there was widespread voter fraud. “Dead people” in large numbers did not vote in the recent election. That’s the narrative being pushed. Any suggestion otherwise is just another “conspiracy theory.”

Just as there is no evidence of Hunter Biden’s corruption, Joe Biden’s dementia or Kamala Harris’ moral bankruptcy.

Nothing to see. Move along.

Except that’s not true at all. There is a great deal to see. There is, in fact, a mountain of evidence suggesting widespread voter fraud and ballots cast by people long dead. These are not isolated incidents. We are not talking here about minor glitches in a system. We are talking about what certainly appears to be a massive, organized effort.

Below is the first of what will be many lists published by AND Magazine showing analysis of inconsistencies occurring in the recent election. It is intended to be illustrative only. It represents analysis of votes cast by the deceased in a single one of Pennsylvania’s 76 counties.

There is every reason to believe this pattern holds true across the entire Commonwealth and quite possibly in many more states across the nation.
Review the information provided. Decide for yourself whether or not you still think this election was free and fair.

Below are some examples demonstrating dead voters voting in the 2020 elections in Washington, Pennsylvania.

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