“One Person One Vote” Means Each Person Votes Only Once


Voter Fraud: Last Of Three

Inherent in the concept of a free and fair election is the principle of one man, one vote. Each of us is equal before the law, and the authorities conducting the election are constitutionally required to conduct the election in such a way that protects this right. We must have confidence in the results of the election. In fact, perhaps nothing else is quite as important to the functioning of a democracy than this fact. It is only because we trust the results of elections that we agree to the peaceful transfer of power and accept defeat at the polls.

All across this country this confidence in the integrity of the electoral process is being rapidly eroded. Against the backdrop of the continued, documented abuse of power by our “leaders” in Washington, tens of millions of Americans are talking openly of of rebellion of some kind. They no longer believe what they are told by a media that is every day ever closer to being a propaganda machine for left wing political interests than it is the “fourth estate”.

There is a good reason for this mistrust. Even the most basic assurances of integrity and transparency are absent from the electoral process as it exists in virtually every state. Issue after issue, many of them massive, surfaces every day. The appearance is of a system which is ready made for abuse and virtually impossible to audit or review in any meaningful way.

We have already published two long lists showing deceased individuals who just voted in Pennsylvania. Neither one covered the entire state. Below is a list of voters, again from Pennsylvania, who appear to have voted in multiple locations. The spreadsheet available below shows 160,000 voters identified by name and date of birth, who appear to have voted in multiple locations – this covers Pennsylvania and Michigan. There cannot possibly be a more direct and basic violation of the principle of “one man – one vote.”

Review the data. Consider its implications. Think for yourself. Then ponder how much confidence you still have in the results of a process so fundamentally flawed. Clearly there are enough questions and probable fraud coming out that the 2020 election results must be questioned.