Voter Fraud – Second Of Three: More Dead Voters In Pennsylvania


If you have ever read the novel “1984” you know the most terrifying aspect of the book is its description of how the government has come to control the people via its absolute control over information.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

George Orwell, “1984”

Orwell paints the picture of a horrifying future in which reality is changed for all time at the direction of the state. Certain things are decreed “never to have happened.” Other facts are altered, and their alteration simply erased. The population is told what they will think and what they will know. There is no questioning of the “reality” that is imposed.

The book was once very abstract science fiction. No longer. As I write it has been all of two days since the last time my Twitter account was shut down, because I dared to espouse an opinion with which the “fact checkers” disagreed. We will see if I make it through the weekend without being silenced again.

We have just finished voting in a Presidential election. The evidence of irregularities and deliberate criminal behavior is overwhelming. I don’t know if that evidence shows that Donald Trump won or – if after it is investigated – Joe Biden will be the victor. I do know that in a free society based on the rule of law such evidence must not be ignored. It must be thoroughly considered and evaluated, so that all of us have confidence in our electoral results.

The self-appointed “elite” that believes it rules, wants none of that. Abetted by their lackies in the legacy news media, they are pushing as hard as they can to pull down the curtain and rush ahead to the coronation of their puppet President, the doddering Joe Biden. We at AND Magazine refuse to comply. We published recently a lengthy list of deceased voters who voted in a single one of Pennsylvania’s 76 counties. Below is a similar list, which runs to hundreds of names of the dead who voted in just one of Pennsylvania’s Congressional districts – the 45th.

Review the data for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide how comfortable you feel with the results of the recent election.

This list shows 273 voters above the age of 80 who voted in the 2020 election in Pennsylvania’s 45th district whose names were found in one or more obituaries. This data is the result of approximately 19,000 randomly checked voters above the age of 80 in Pennsylvania’s District 45 that were registered for voting and have also been found in one or more obituaries online. Every name on this list has voted in the 2020 presidential election.

Here’s a sample of some of the voters whose names were also found in one or more obituaries:

Here’s the full list, available for download below: