Pennsylvania Legislature’s Election Review Should Start Right Here – 1,082 Ghost Voters Found In Initial Review Of 2020 PA Voters


Twenty-six Pennsylvania state legislators have announced their intention to introduce a resolution into the assembly in response to widespread irregularities in the voting process. The resolution – if passed – will declare the election results as being “in dispute,” delay the certification of votes from Pennsylvania for both the state and presidential races and ask for the U.S. Congress to also declare the 2020 presidential race nationwide to be in dispute.

The sponsors of the resolution assert that a wide range of factors put the election results in question, including the extension of the mail-in ballot deadline and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling that loosened restrictions regarding signature authentication. The sponsors are also accusing Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar of certifying the results of the election “prematurely… despite ongoing litigation.

State Senator Doug Mastriano has taken the matter a step further. He is actively calling for the state legislature to effectively annul the results of the Presidential election in Pennsylvania and to seat the electors themselves. Given that both houses of the state legislature are under Republican control, this would almost certainly mean awarding the state’s electors to Donald Trump and be a major step toward assuring his reelection.

We’re going to take our power back; we’re going to seat the electors,” Mastriano said on WarRoom with Steve Bannon. “Now, obviously, we’re going to need the support of the leaders of the House and Senate.”
The move was appropriate, he said, because Boockvar and other Democrats “cheated.”

There is without question massive evidence of electoral irregularities across the nation. A quick glance at the evidence we have already published concerning deceased voters who participated in this recent election and the list of individuals registered to vote at multiple locations ought to make anyone – regardless of political affiliation – want to take a harder look at the numbers and the results. Attached is yet another list of deceased voters, identified via Social Security death rolls, who somehow miraculously rose from the grave and exercised their right to vote.

If the Pennsylvania Legislature is reviewing the election it can start right here. There is plenty to see.