Fountain Of Youth Found In Pennsylvania OR Maybe There Is A Problem With This Election


Paul J. Lomonaco was born on August 10, 1854. He was seven when the Civil War started. He was 63 when the United States entered World War I. Assuming he was still alive he was a respectable 87 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Then on May 12, 2020 he requested a ballot from the State of Pennsylvania. The ballot was mailed to him on October 10, 2020. Paul then somehow returned that ballot to the state casting his vote for President. The ballot was received on October 24, 2020.

Good trick, because if Paul really is still kicking he is now 166 years old.

Attached is yet another in our ongoing list of data files illustrating the myriad of problems encountered in the recent election. This one focuses on individuals over the age of 112 who are still on Pennsylvania’s voter rolls. It begins with a list of 73 of these individuals who just voted.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the data available for download below showing seven individuals over the age of 200 voting in Pennsylvania’s 2020 elections. The full list shows hundreds of individuals over the age of 200 registered to vote in the recent PA 2020 elections. The downloadable sample file shows that at least 73 of them voted in the recent election….

Maybe there is something about Pennsylvania that just allows people to live to an incredibly old age. Could be something in the beer, the kielbasa or the hoagies? Or, maybe, just maybe, there is a problem with this election.

Here’s the sample file showing those over 112 years of age voting in the PA 2020 elections as well as those over the age of 112 registered to vote in PA.: