Where Did All The Republican Ballots Go?


In Pennsylvania, A Republican absentee ballot was 72% more likely to go missing than a Democrat absentee ballot.

There are a lot of reasons why we have traditionally voted in person. It is not, as the AOC’s of the world would suggest, because we wish to suppress the vote or disenfranchise certain groups. It is because we need to ensure election integrity, because we must guarantee every individual can vote only once and we must be sure that those casting votes are entitled to do so. If I cast my vote in person, after presenting appropriate identification, I have established who I am and my right to vote in the election. I have also ensured that my ballot was delivered and arrived at the polling place.

I may not be able to track the ballot after it goes in the ballot box, but at least I know my vote got that far.

When Democrats in states like Pennsylvania launched their all-out assault on election safeguards in the weeks prior to the November election they knew exactly what they were doing. They were not making it easier to vote so that the voiceless in our society would have an opportunity to participate. They were deliberately and systematically dismantling the bulk of the protections put in place over generations to ensure election integrity.

In doing so, the Democrats made it much easier for fraudulent votes to be counted and for vast numbers of “ghost voters” to participate in the electoral process. Particularly, by dramatically expanding mail-in voting and gutting checks on the legitimacy of such votes, Democrats opened the flood gates to election fraud. They also made it possible for large numbers of Republican mail-in votes to be “disappeared.” The Democratic establishment in Pennsylvania gave itself – in other words – not only the ability to add votes to their total but to also subtract votes from the Republican total.

The attached survey of votes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania shows that Republican ballots in Pennsylvania were 72% more likely to go missing than Democratic ballots. Strange. The ballots were all mailed using the same postal system. They were at least, in theory, devoid of markings indicating for whom the sender had voted. And, yet, somehow Republican ballots in large numbers appear never to have been counted.

I suppose we can imagine some bizarre statistical anomaly that would explain such an unlikely occurrence. Personally, I think it smells a lot like a large number of Republican ballots were simply discarded once they were opened at the polling place. In any event, I think it’s worth all of our time to consider the issue and ask the question.

Where did all the Republican ballots go?

Here is the analysis showing that 72% of Republican absentee ballots were more likely to go missing than Democrat absentee ballots:

Here is a link to the full analysis:

Again, you decide. Does it make sense that the number of missing Republican absentee ballots returned is 72% less than for Democrat absentee voters?