Rules Are Sort of Everything – More On How Pennsylvania Was Stolen


Rules are sort of everything. We accept the results of a contest of any kind, only because we believe rules were followed. Our guy lost, but we have confidence that it was a fair fight. Once that confidence is gone, once we begin to believe that the game is rigged and that we have been cheated, all bets are off.

This is true in sports. It is true in business. It is even more true in the realm of politics and governance.

Our republic was founded on the bedrock of constitutional principles. We have accepted the results of elections and agreed to the peaceful transfer of power for over two hundred years, because we believed those principles were being followed and that the will of people was determining the outcome. We are dangerously close to the point where that is no longer true.

Four years ago, a group of powerful Democratic politicians and powerbrokers in concert with senior intelligence and law enforcement officials foisted upon the American people the deliberate lie that the current President of the United States was a Russian agent. In concert with most of the legacy media in this country, they then pursued that absurd allegation for years. In the process they broke countless laws and demonstrated their absolute contempt for the American people and the rule of law.

No one has ever been prosecuted for those crimes. No one has ever gone to jail.

Months ago, the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop, revealed the almost unbelievable breadth of Hunter’s depravity and corruption. A worldwide criminal enterprise in which Hunter and other family members capitalized on Joe Biden’s positions in Washington, D.C. was exposed. More importantly very serious questions were raised about the extent to which Joe Biden himself was already compromised by the Chinese and might have, in fact, been doing their bidding for years.

In lockstep, the legacy media and the Democratic political establishment closed ranks, declared the issues raised unworthy of pursuit and branded anyone who discussed the matter a lunatic and a conspiracy theorist.

Joe Biden ran a political campaign for President, which consisted largely of him hiding in his basement and avoiding the press. When he did venture out the slavish legacy media asked him tough questions like what kind of milkshake he had ordered at a burger stand. Despite the kid gloves approach, Joe’s terrifying mental decline was still on full display. All indications were that we were about to put a man who did not necessarily remember where he was at all times in the Oval Office.

The matter was declared off limits. There was no concern. If you pretended otherwise, if you suggested there might be something worth exploring here, you were a raving lunatic.

These are only a few examples of events and actions that have eroded the trust of a great many Americans in our laws and our institutions. Tens of millions of Americans have reached the point where they believe virtually nothing they are told by the “establishment” and expect as a matter of course that they will be lied to and their concerns ignored.

The response to the massive issues surrounding the recent election have only added to that perception. Every day we hear of huge issues that call into question our ability to have any confidence in the results of the contest. Every day we hear the legacy media, Democratic politicians and not a few Republicans tell us there is nothing to see or to investigate.

Over the last several days we have published a series of databases and spreadsheets showing that is not true. We cannot say who won the election. We can say there are a great many questions to answer before we do know.

Attached is a database showing 26,000 Pennsylvania voters who registered to vote using a Post Office Box as their address. You can’t register to vote in Pennsylvania without providing a physical address. A P.O. Box is not acceptable.

And, yet, here they are – 26,000 individuals registered in violation of the law. The rampant abuse inherent in sending ballots out to addresses that correspond to no physical location is obvious. That’s why it’s not allowed.

How this is possible remains unclear. The intent behind this abuse of the law is just as murky. Along with all the other issues raised to date this one surely needs put to bed before anyone seriously thinks about selecting electors based on the voting numbers we are being fed.

Strangely, though, virtually no one seems interested in resolving any of this. In Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania state legislature, which has ultimate authority over elections has shut down its legislative session. It will not meet again until after the first of year, by which time presumably electors will have been chosen and it will be all over but the shouting.

For the average American rules are sort of everything. For the people who believe they rule, apparently they are nothing.

Below is a link to the Pennsylvania Voter Registration page – the form clearly says “You may not use a P.O. Box address.”