Sidney Powell & L. Lin Wood Schedule Rally/Press Conference Today In Alpharetta, Georgia To Discuss Election Fraud


Sidney Powell and Lin Wood – attorneys challenging election fraud and voting irregularities in Georgia – announced yesterday that they were holding a rally/press conference in Alpharetta, Georgia today at 2:05pm. Their announcement noted that they were prepared to answer questions and believed there should also be questions asked of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Both attorneys have been very critical of George state governor Brian Kemp and Georgia’s Secretary of State for their approval to utilize Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) in the 2020 elections. In contrast to states who chose to utilize DVS, the state of Texas conducted three separate reviews of DVS electoral systems and found their system to be severely lacking. A report issues by the Office of the Secretary of State of Texas noted that DVS “could not get certified by the State of Texas after failing to meet the state’s election standards for efficiency, accuracy, and safety from “fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation.”

Wood has noted that the election fraud that has surfaced in the 2020 election is part of a broader ‘color revolution’ and that he believes many public officials have been complicit in allowing voter fraud and fraudulent voting systems to be utilized during that election.
(Editor's note: There are ongoing lawsuits addressing election fraud in the 2020 election of which both attorneys are involved, however this article deals with their legal actions in Georgia.)