What Biden’s Leading Choice For CIA Director Means: An Emboldened Swamp


Even as robust efforts continue to investigate the widespread fraud and irregularities in the recent election, and the final result hangs in the balance, former Vice-President Biden is pressing ahead with his preparations for staffing his administration. We can hope for the sake of the nation there never is such a thing, but it behooves us anyway to take note of the names being surfaced and to consider what they tell us about what may lie ahead if Biden is declared the victor.

According to multiple news reports, former Deputy CIA Director David S. Cohen is Joe Biden’s top choice to head that agency. Who is he, and what can we predict about what such an appointment would mean?

To begin with, although he previously served for two years at CIA, Cohen is not a spy nor is he even a career intelligence officer. He is a lawyer who has divided his time between prestigious Washington, D.C. based law firms and a series of federal jobs – most notably under the Obama administration. He has never met a source. He has never run an op. He has never produced finished intelligence.

Cohen is, and this is the best case, just another guy who will sit in the big office on the 7th floor at CIA Headquarters and have absolutely no idea what the men and women who work for him do for a living or how to impact it.

That doesn’t matter, though. Cohen is not going to be sent to CIA to improve our human intelligence capabilities. His job will not be to keep us safe, head off terrorist attacks and penetrate Putin’s inner circle. His job will be to guarantee the truth never comes out about the attempted coup against President Trump that began in 2016 and was orchestrated by then CIA Director John Brennan.

Cohen was appointed to be Deputy Director of CIA by President Obama in 2015. In his capacity as Deputy Director Cohen worked directly for John Brennan, the Director of the CIA. During Cohen’s time at CIA, Brennan, by his own admission, created what he calls a “fusion cell” at CIA headquarters to coordinate all efforts associated with the patently false Trump Russian collusion narrative.

In his capacity as deputy director Cohen interacted directly all day every day with Brennan. He attended even the most senior meetings, such as those between Brennan and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Clapper. Cohen’s portfolio, in fact, explicitly included the allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Mr. Brennan’s use of the term “fusion cell” to describe what he built at CIA is a misnomer. A fusion cell is simply a mechanism to facilitate the flow of information. Brennan was not merely directing traffic from CIA headquarters. He was running operations directed at President Trump, and he was doing so from what would be much more accurately described as a counterintelligence working group, one empowered to do whatever was required worldwide to pursue his objective, the destabilization of a sitting President.

Cohen was in on the ground floor of that effort, standing by Brennan’s side for two full years before he returned to private practice. He knows exactly what happened. He knows where every body is buried. He knows in intimate detail what documents must never be declassified and allowed to see the light of day.

That will, in fact, be Cohen’s full-time job at CIA. Barr may have taken steps to guarantee that U.S. Attorney Durham can continue his investigation even if Biden becomes President. Cohen’s job will be to make sure that fact is meaningless. With Cohen as CIA Director we are more likely to find the location of Jimmy Hoffa’s body before we uncover the full truth of what really transpired in 2016 when the first attempted coup in American history took place.

Ironically, Cohen’s specialty in private practice has always been the defense of white-collar criminals. As CIA Director he will no longer be practicing law, but he will be performing the same function. He will be defending criminals and guaranteeing they never face the justice they so richly deserve.

For four years under President Trump we have had a glimpse of the possibility that we might regain control over a vast deep state controlled by professional politicians, their wealthy donors and a cast of bureaucratic mandarins. We have seen the first tentative steps taken in the direction of restoring the people’s control over their government. Joe Biden and his puppet masters intend to bring that experiment to an abrupt and unceremonious end.

David Cohen, Biden’s swamp creature choice to run CIA, tells us all we need to know about what a Biden administration will mean. Same as it ever was, the Deep State will no longer be limited to resistance. It will rule.