Not Certifiable: Security Group Issues Forensics Report On Antrim, MI Dominion Voting Machines


Dominion Voting Systems is intentionally designed to create systemic fraud and influence election results…

Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG) released a preliminary forensics report on their evaluation of Dominion Voting Systems’ Antrim, Michigan voting machines. It found that the “error rate” on those machines was 68.05% – forcing adjudication of those ballots – either by hand or through bulk adjudication. This error rate is grossly over the allowable election error rate guidelines established by the Federal Election Commission” of .0008% (or 1 in every 250,000 ballots). Michigan requires an even lower rate of 1 in 125,000 total ballot errors. How can the Dominion machines have an error rate of over 68%?

According to Russ Ramsland of ASOG, the Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) machines’ return of such a ridiculously high number of ballots casts is proof that the system is intentionally designed to “create systemic fraud and influence election results.” Ramsland goes on to say the “intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, transparency, and no audit trail.”

Page two of ASOG’s report shows a chart of votes being run through the machines on three different dates with differing results. The third run on 21 November shows how many more votes went to President Trump.

Ramsland concludes that with the outrageously large error rate the Antrim election is not certifiable – particularly given the lack of any audit trail. Importantly, Ramsland notes that given that all of Michigan’s electoral districts utilized DVS machines that none of Michigan’s election results should be certified.

Ramsland also mentions President Trump’s 2018 Executive Order on Election Interference and states that this level of election fraud “is a national security issue.” ASOG’s report includes information that Dominion is a Canadian-owned company Staple Street Capital that has 3 Board members out of 7 that are Chinese nationals. Additionally, the software used by Dominion is owned by Smartmatic – a Venezuelan owned company. Dominion’s server locations have been determined to be in the United States, Serbia, Canada, Spain, and Germany.

Many have been stating that indications of problems with DVS that the 2018 E.O. should be implemented. Additionally, the results of this preliminary report on DVS machines in Antrim highlights DVS use in other states – Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Wisconsin – and whether DVS’ machines should or must be audited in those states as well. Ramsland’s opinion is that they must be audited and believes the same results would be found across Dominion’s voting system.

General (Ret’d) Michael Flynn’s attorney, former federal prosecutor Sidney Powel,l has repeatedly claimed that Dominion’s voting system was purposely designed to allow voter fraud and grew out of Venezuela’s fraudulent voting system designed by Smartmatics and Sequoia. It was reported yesterday that Powell is building a massive RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) case against Dominion.