Want to Win? Figure Out Why You Just Lost


Part One

The key to not losing another battle is figuring out why you lost the previous one. That may sound obvious. It is harder than it seems. Introspection and honesty are hard. Looking in the mirror can be painful.

The results of the 2020 election remain in doubt. There are still real scenarios under which Donald Trump may have a second term. We may yet escape the nightmare that will be the dysfunctional, toxically corrupt administration of China Joe Biden.

Still, the odds of escaping that fate are diminishing by the day, and it is never too early to start what the military would call an after action report, compiling lessons learned. If Donald Trump is ultimately declared the loser in the 2020 election, why will he have lost? What were the opportunities missed? What can we take away to ensure that in the worst case scenario, 2024 sees a far different result?

The Trump Administration Never Gained Control Over the Federal Government:

The magnitude of the challenge faced by Donald Trump in 2016 can hardly be overstated. He arrived in D.C. at the head of a small team of loyalists as the head of what was pretty close to a new third party and without any real knowledge of how the mammoth federal bureaucracy worked. From Day One the President was opposed by a swamp full of venomous creatures determined to drag him down, frustrate his agenda and wait him out.

In the end, they did so. Particularly in the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, the President’s efforts to get to the bottom of the attempted Russiagate coup were blocked at every turn. Four years after a whole raft of senior officials and Democratic Party hacks engaged in blatantly illegal and likely treasonous acts against a sitting President, no one has gone to jail. Likely no one ever will.

That is not because of a lack of evidence. It is because of deliberate actions on the part of senior officials who worked actively against President Trump. Consider how different the result of the recent election would likely have been had it occurred against the backdrop of U.S. government and Democratic Party officials pleading guilty to their criminal behavior. Expand that vision momentarily to include the image of an election conducted in the midst of a broad-ranging investigation into Hunter Biden, his corruption and the very real possibility that his father Joe Biden, has been suborned by the Communist Chinese.

It didn’t happen, because at no point did the Trump administration succeed to putting in place loyalists who would ensure that justice was done, and the truth came out.

The Democrats Changed the Entire Electoral Playbook, Trump Held Rallies:

Roughly midway through the primary season, the Democratic Party establishment made the decision to force everyone but Joe Biden out of the pool and coalesce around him. He would be the bland, generally familiar face behind which they would conceal the most radical agenda in American political history. For a nation increasingly weary of partisan rancor he would suggest a return to normalcy, although normalcy had nothing to do with the real Democratic platform.

The Democratic machine then set out on the next stage of its plan, a radical change in the way the United States conducts elections. In place of narrow, carefully controlled absentee voting procedures would come mass market mail-in voting stripped of any and all safeguards to prevent fraud. One way or the other this would more than compensate for the total lack of enthusiasm for Joe Biden even amongst the Democratic faithful.

This Democratic effort should have triggered a massive, corresponding effort in opposition. Every initiative and rule change by the Democrats should have been met with a vigorous response. Instead, the Democrats met almost no opposition. The President returned to conducting rallies across the country attempting somehow to recreate the conditions that brought him to power in 2016. In a war that was increasingly going to be decided by lawyers, constitutional interpretations and the votes of state legislatures, the President’s team opted not to act.

Not until the days following the election, in fact, did anyone start organizing legal teams and attempting to figure out how to respond. By then, it was far too late. The Democrats had been at work for a year or more. The damage was done.

The Republican Party Establishment Stabbed the President in the Back:

It is easy to end up discussing lessons learned and appear to be laying all blame for what transpired at the feet of the President and his key advisors. That is not my intention. To do so, would, in fact, dramatically understate the problems faced by the Trump administration and the hurdles to be cleared moving ahead.

Trump has never pursued what would be described as a typical, Republican agenda. His policies bear more resemblance to those of Ross Perot than George W. Bush. His relationship with the Republican establishment, therefore, has been, not surprisingly, strained.

The reality is that a great many Republican “leaders” both nationally and at the state level have never supported the President and are more than happy to see him leave the stage. They yearn to return to business as usual as demonstrated by the recent vote for a pork-laden stimulus bill, which will do very little for average Americans but will make major corporations massively wealthy. These leaders saw exactly what the Democrats were about as our election laws and safeguards were gutted. They did nothing to stop it. In fact, in states like Pennsylvania Republican majorities in the state legislature passed the first tranche of changes to the law that opened the floodgates to fraud and electoral theft.

These are some of the key lessons learned from what just transpired. The challenge going forward is to determine what to do next and how to ensure the next battle ends quite differently.

In Part Two of this article, we will take a look at the challenge and attempt to chart a way ahead.