The Second American Revolution


Live Feed To Rally Below!

All across the nation tens of millions of Americans are standing up and refusing to comply. They have lost faith in their elected officials. They have lost faith in the courts. They have ceased to believe much of anything the corporate media feeds them. 

They have passed through unease. They have grown tired of being disgruntled. They have reached the juncture the American Colonists did in 1775 and civil rights activists did in the 1950’s. 

They are taking matters into their own hands. They are pushing back. They are refusing any longer to play according to the rules of a system that has failed them.

In early November we conducted an election unlike any other in American history. We moved to the mass use of mail-in ballots while simultaneously and systematically eliminating every safeguard in place to ensure these mail-in ballots were legitimate and cast by legal voters. Every expert who had ever considered this possibility had warned what would happen. We would experience rampant, uncontrollable electoral fraud. We would be inviting election theft.

That is exactly what we got, an election without legitimacy. No rational person reviewing the situation objectively can say otherwise. Right now, without a full audit of the results, we have no way in which to determine who actually won this election.

And, yet, the court system has refused to conduct a single evidentiary hearing. Across the nation legislatures have simply elected to walk away, go home and wash their hands of the problem. In Washington, Joe Biden, is pushing ahead with his plans to install himself as President and most GOP Congressmen and Senators have elected to take a dive.

Patriots threaten to primary Republicans who do not challenge election fraud…chants of “1776” explode…

In Pennsylvania, people have had enough. Starting weeks ago, citizens involved with the group We The People began demanding answers from the GOP Speaker of the state House of Representatives, Bryan Cutler. Specifically, the group demanded that Cutler take point on decertifying the vote tally in Pennsylvania and conducting a full audit of the results.

Frank Scavo speaks to crowd…

Members of the group have met directly with Cutler. They have organized rallies at his office and at his home. They have been dismissed and met with disdain. Cutler’s consistent position has been that neither he nor the legislature have any authority to deal with the allegations made of voting irregularities. Maybe somebody ought to look into it, but he has washed his hands of the matter and is moving on.

The people are having none of it. Today at 1 pm yet another rally is being held outside Cutler’s home and organizers of the event are asking Pennsylvanians from all across the state to show up and express their support. The demand they are making is simple. Decertify the results of the election and conduct a complete audit of all votes cast.

Do your job.

Here’s a link to the live feed from today’s protest:

Video of crowd singing the National Anthem.