Americans Have Had Enough


Two things happened yesterday. The two GOP Senatorial candidates in Georgia lost, and a relatively small number of the hundreds of thousands of people present in D.C. for a “Stop the Steal” rally pushed through police barricades and entered the Capitol building. Both of these things happened for the same reason.

For many months in advance of the recent Presidential election the Democratic Party methodically went state by state dramatically changing our election procedures, implementing the mass use of mail-in ballots, stripping away all safeguards and setting the stage for rampant electoral fraud and election theft. The Republican Party did nothing to stop them. In some states, such as Pennsylvania, GOP-controlled legislatures cooperated in laying the foundation for Joe Biden’s fraudulent electoral “victory.”

When the election results rolled in and it became all too clear that the Democratic Party had just committed the equivalent of a brazen daylight robbery, the GOP establishment washed its hands and walked away. They refused to lift a finger to assist in efforts to demand an audit of votes in key battleground states. In Pennsylvania, the legislature adjourned and went home. In Washington, D.C. the majority of Republican Congressmen and Senators joined their Democratic colleagues in congratulating Joe Biden on his “victory.”

Then on Capitol Hill the Uni-Party went back to work. Efforts to send $2000 stimulus checks to citizens hard hit by coronavirus were shoved aside as legislators returned to business as usual. Only $600 could be found for Americans trying to feed their families, but plenty of money was found to bail out defense contractors, fund gender studies in Pakistan and bankroll a host of other pork barrel projects.

Even as they signaled their intense desire to return to the good old days of globalization, big government, and corporate welfare, however, GOP leaders faced a quandary. They needed desperately to have their two Republican candidates in Georgia win their runoff elections. For that purpose, their only hope lay in mobilizing the MAGA faithful. And, so, even as the party leadership increasingly acted as if President Trump were already gone from the scene, they appealed to his supporters to turn out, stop the rising tide of socialism and save America.

It did not work. The faithful had the audacity to think for themselves. For four years they held out the hope that the GOP meant what it said and supported their President. Their eyes are open now. They have seen the light. They know that many of the President’s alleged friends have now shown their true colors.

The MAGA faithful stayed home in droves. They have not quit the field, but they are thinking for themselves. They will return to the polls, but they will no longer vote for those who lie to their faces and take them for fools. When they vote next it will be to ensure a reckoning.

In Washington that same refusal to play by the rules imposed from above, was evident in the intrusion into the Capitol Building. The overwhelming majority of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who had come to Washington to support President Trump voiced their frustration peacefully. Then a relatively handful took it a step further. They demanded entry to the building, forced their way inside, and refused to disperse. A handful engaged in the destruction of property and physically assaulted law enforcement.

No rational person supports destroying federal property or believes law enforcement officers doing their jobs should be attacked. Poor decisions were made. Laws were broken. Those who engaged in criminal behavior should be held responsible.

All of this happened, though, because the people’s anger boiled over. It happened, because, the populists who brought Donald Trump to power are refusing to go home and refusing to play any longer by the rules imposed from above. It happened, because the rules have changed.

It is often said the system is broken. That is not true. It works quite well, but it does not work for the common man or woman. It works for the self-appointed members of the elite. The vast majority of Americans, who are not part of this elite, are expected to simply accept this and follow directions.

That is true no longer. It will never be true again. Hopefully, the change that is coming will not include many more episodes like we saw yesterday on Capitol Hill. Nevertheless, there is no going back.

Americans have had enough.